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High court upholds liberty for gay couples

June 27, 2013

New York state was ahead of the curve in allowing gay marriage two years ago this week. On Wednesday, in a 5-4 vote, the U.S....

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Jun-27-13 11:11 AM

With this out of the way, hopefully this country can move along in other ways. Repeal the PATRIOT Act, revise the tax code and abolish the IRS, reverse the NY SAFE Act which violates the second amendment, and last but not least, end the war on marijuana use.

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Jun-27-13 1:38 PM

AdkBuddy, couldn't have said it any better myself.

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Jun-28-13 9:35 AM

Amen. The NY SAFE act does contain some good provisions but since there was so much pandering nonsense put into it a total revision is needed.

But maybe none of this matters. Idiots like Glen Beck, Louie Gohmert and other bigots are sure the world is soon coming to an end now that gay people can validate their commitment to each other.

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Jun-28-13 11:46 AM

Nope, you got it wrong. If you read the decision rather than listen to the talking heads on TV you will see this is a States Rights victory. It plays right into the hands of CONSERVATIVES, even if they don't realize it. The decision is based on the 10th admendment to the Constitution which states "powers not granted to the federal government by the Constitution, nor prohibited to the States, are reserved to the States or the people."

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Jun-28-13 2:30 PM

DW, I haven't looked at it that closely but don't doubt that you are right. Every other decision the present court membership has rendered has favored right wing and/or corporate interests. Why would this one be any different? For example the destruction of the voter rights act is a clear attempt to allow states to warp their electoral process.

But oh that's right, a black man was elected president so racism must be dead in the USA. I'd be laughing at that thought but the effects of the five bigots on the SCOTUS will be felt for a long time. Scalia and Thomas in particular are an embarassment and totally destroy the notion that lawyers/judges are intelligent.

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Jun-28-13 3:37 PM

Oh? Glenn Beck is a bigot? Five bigots on SCOTUS? Does that include the black gentleman? I see, only according to your skewed viewpoint, Wondering. So white guilt is alive and well in your Hooville.

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Jun-28-13 3:42 PM

Here my friends, is the Ultra-Fringe Left's view of Mainstream U.S.A: If you do not recognize the gay as normal, you are the bigot and the so-called "hate filled nutjob". Christians are hated by this fringe group, and are doing their hardest to suppress and eliminate every group that worships Christ. Being in the place where food waste is dispersed is not normal. But the GUILT by white college professors taught to the mush filled white girls and boys has permeated this country and now we have reverse morality. To the pit. The Black Pit.

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Jun-28-13 3:44 PM

Repeal the SAFE act. Unelect Cuomo.

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Jun-28-13 5:58 PM

Hmmm, is Clarence Thomas a bigot. I don't know but he very obviously has no ethical scruples. Even a cursory glance at his record and behavior makes that obvious. I'm sorry bud, but you don't get to speak for Christians, many of whom do practice Christ's teaching to love others without judgment.

You have a funny understanding of "normal",or not maybe funny, just sad. Apparently normal is whatever it is you are. If so give me non-normal anyday. FYI there have been homosexual people as far back as recorded history. Only 11% of any given population is left-handed. Are they abnormal in your view as well. Should they also be persecuted, as they were in the past. In fact gay people were called "left-handers" in some parts of Europe in the 1800s. Gee prober now there's another group you can marginalize and look down on for being different.

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Jun-28-13 6:06 PM

No "white guilt" in me prober. I never take on the "sins" of the guilty.

What fantasy world are you living in that sees groups "doing their hardest to suppress and eliminate every group that worships Christ."? Any psychologists out there? There must be a word for people who justify their victimization of the blameless by fantasizing that they themselves are the real victims.

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Jul-03-13 12:07 PM

You are blind as a bat Wondering. Stop smoking Pot.

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Jul-05-13 9:34 AM

I'd rather be blind than deluded. Now take a deep breath prober and let the blood come back to your head. There now, is that better?

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