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Limit guns for the mentally unstable

April 15, 2013

For a few days there was speculation Mingo County, W.Va., Sheriff Eugene Crum was murdered last week because of his crackdown on illegal drug activity....

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Apr-15-13 10:19 AM

Before passing another law fix HC. You can't outlaw stupid crazy or evil.

The health care facilities have for the last 5 + years been dumping unprofitable patients. No more hip hearts or livers until the basics for all are met.

Tort reform too

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Apr-15-13 11:10 AM

If only the solution was as simple as our politicians.

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Apr-15-13 4:37 PM

Rest my case...

What's cosmo going to do now? Only 5lb devices any thing more.....

Fix the economy first (shrink government).

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Apr-15-13 9:21 PM

The mentally unstable should have the same right to self-defense as the rest of us. Haven't you ever seen One Fles Over the Cuckoo's nest? If one of those patients had had had a gun, Nurse Ratchet would've been stopped long before she drove that kid to suicide and made Jack Nicholson get that lobotomy.

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Apr-16-13 4:07 AM

Those back ground checks and Gun Bans worked out great in Boston's gun free killing zone!

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Apr-16-13 5:13 AM

We have to register our guns, shouldn’t we register the mentally ill to prevent them from getting guns in the first place?

We register peaceful law-abiding gun owners like they are sex offenders, but the real crazies have their right to privacy protected by law??

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Apr-16-13 5:54 AM

I wonder what constitutional rights Pete Crowley will demand we surrender after Boston??

“Any government that wants a monopoly on violence is a threat to liberty.”

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Apr-16-13 7:05 AM

Eye witnesses stated the loud speakers were telling people in the audience to be calm moments before the bombs went off?

Is this a false flag staged attack to take our civil liberties and promote homeland security while sticking their hands down our pants on the streets?

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Apr-16-13 8:01 AM

Give everyone a gun and a rope. Cops and lawyers are just over paid garbage collectors.

Hitler used to sterilize the nuts and mengala experiment on them

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Apr-16-13 8:48 AM

Any criminal who attempts to buy a weapon and is caught by the current instant check system faces a mandatory 5 year prison term. Problem is that under Obama’s injustice Dept. there have been almost zero prosecutions of criminals who attempt to buy guns. So what good is expanding back ground checks if they refuse to enforce the laws already on the books??

Oh that’s right, to get even more records of Lawful gun owners, yes that will stop violence in America. 'Molon labe'

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Apr-16-13 9:08 AM

New York City ranked last in terms of federal gun law enforcement in 2012, according to a new report from Syracuse University. The districts of Eastern New York ranked 88th out of 90 districts, in prosecutions of federal weapons crimes. Proof That Obama, Bloomberg and Prince Andrew only go after law abiding gun owners.

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Apr-16-13 10:10 AM

It's not the guns or the nuts that have them. Its the media and obamanites who seek to divide the nation and use shaming of the American public to pass draconian laws to grow the machine AKA "the man".

Prohibition only made things worse.

Read history, even audio books

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Apr-16-13 11:44 AM

One set of rules for the masters and another for the peasants. The government elites are guarded by phalanxes of armed bodyguards carrying thirty-round magazines in their Fully-Automatic assault rifles.

Clearly, these elites consider their own lives to be worth four times more than ours.

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Apr-16-13 3:01 PM

I find it interesting that one group wants a list of gunners and others want a list of the ill. Who's list would be a breach of our rights? What will you tell your Dr if you feel depressed?

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Apr-16-13 4:51 PM

" What will you tell your Dr. if you feel depressed?"

You had better tell him where you keep your guns. You Dr. had better report you to the police before you hurt yourself or others.

If you Dr. fails to report you he should spend 5 years in a Federal Prison!

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Apr-16-13 5:01 PM

The dirtiest trick the Devil ever played was to convince the world that he didn't exist.

Born in sin come on in. Born in*****turn to dust!

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Apr-16-13 8:06 PM

"Limit guns"???? Really PC??? and for the "Mentally Unstable"???? You are off your rocker here my friend!!! You suggest from the title to 'Limit'. Hmmm, a .22 or 30.06 is ok, but what isn't??? Further, you say 'Mentally Unstable'. Hmmmmmmmm, how do we define that?????? This is a terrible editorial, and I'm Confident you agree w/ hindsight available.

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Apr-16-13 8:08 PM

and the recent terror felt in Boston makes us want to Limit Pressure Cookers from the Mentally Unstable. Back-packs and Duffle bags as well!

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Apr-17-13 12:18 AM

The whole idea of America was to be free.

Never let a crisis go to waste is Obamas creed.

Impeach the bum

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Apr-17-13 8:23 AM

Limit political office for the mentally unstable.

Obama is just another corporate tool, slicker of tongue than his predecessor but no less a tool of the 1%.

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Apr-17-13 8:24 AM

Anyone who doesn't believe in the devil hasn't paid attention to Dick Cheney's career, as evil a man as ever held office in America.

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Apr-17-13 10:11 AM

It has been a whole four point 5 years since dick cheney has been in office. Can you move on wondering? You have what you wanted. You have the government you elected now, so why the sour grapes and bad blood? Is your craw so small that you cannot empty it? I have accepted that Obammy is communist, and will declare Martial Law soon, and King Andy will be the instrument to start confiscation, so bend it over like the rest of us and take it like a man. Evil are the people you helped get elected, Buddy.

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Apr-17-13 12:25 PM

Prober, Do you ever tire of being wrong? Apparently not since you repeat the same errors ad nauseam. I didn't vote for Obama and have no more use for him than you do although for very different reasons. It's absolutely ridiculous to say that someone who has repeatedly sided with large corporations and continued virtually step for step in Bush's shoes is a socialist, much less communist. His words may seem to indicate socialist leanings but his actions speak much louder.

Cheney was and is an evil man, being out of office doesn't change that. Probably not causing as much harm now but who know since he did most of dirty deals in private and only surfaced periodically to snarl at the people he was screwing.

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Apr-17-13 10:55 PM

I think you must re-think this editorial before you get into too much trouble. I have heard multiple people rather upset w/ the stereotype of 'mentally unstable' being targeted w/out formal diagnosis'. You (PC) need to right the ship here before legal documents are filed against you and the ADE. Again, a very poor choice for an editorial!!!

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Apr-17-13 11:01 PM

Of Course, you will find a way to justify your writing. But, you are completely P-IC (politically incorrect)!!! In Theory, you are not too far off, but your editorial is terrible in regard to being intelligent.

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