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Stride for Prise hosts free, local, therapeutic events

August 19, 2010 Summer is whizzing right by, isn’t it? There are so many great events happening, it’s hard to choose which to miss. This isn’t necessarily so when you are a parent of a child with a disability. more »»

Are we free yet?

July 8, 2010 It’s weird sometimes how these columns come to me. Most often, something infuriates me and, low and behold, the words just flow. Somehow this process comes as no surprise to my husband. more »»

The joke’s on all of us

May 8, 2010 Did you hear the one about the code enforcement officer who was asked to verify that a facility was physically compliant with the regulations set forth in the American with Disabilities Act? more »»

My Christmas present

January 9, 2010 Have you ever had one of those phases when you wonder “What’s the use?” I had one of those little mental train wrecks last month. more »»

Independent Living: Time to be counted

December 5, 2009 I just got back from the New York State Department of Transportation Rural and Specialized Transportation Conference. more »»

TLCIL and Family Champions: bringing back the barter system

November 14, 2009 This week I’m going to make my column short and sweet. The Tri-Lakes Center for Independent Living has changes galore that you need to know about. more »»

A vote not cast is a vote not counted

October 31, 2009 If anyone has been reading this column with any regularity, then you know my passion in this whole disability deal is the American citizen’s right to vote. more »»

When is an accessible parking place not accessible?

August 22, 2009 Summertime is a wonderful time of the year in the Tri-Lakes. It’s so wonderful; in fact, that the area we call home is a vacation destination for many people. more »»

What does parking have to do with unemployment?

July 30, 2009 I’ve written many times about the very high employment rate among people with disabilities vs. people without disabilities in this country. more »»

Peer counseling can change everything

June 6, 2009 I bet you didn’t know that not just any organization can be called an “independent living center.” People tend to confuse us with organizations that provide housing. more »»

What is a 504 anyway?

May 23, 2009 It seems as if every niche in society has its own set of acronyms. When you’re starting out as the newbie in a group, whether it’s a job, volunteer service, moving into a new neighborhood, etc. more »»

Disability issues in the workforce

May 9, 2009 You know how you can hear a comment on one day and it doesn’t bother you, but you may hear that same comment the next day, and it just makes you absolutely furious? If you... more »»

More than just a parking space

April 25, 2009 Spring has sprung, at least for this week. Everyone is dying to get outside and breathe in the nice fresh air. more »»

Understanding Obama’s Special Olympics joke

March 28, 2009 Who hasn’t heard about President Barack Obama’s Special Olympics comment on the Tonight Show? For those who haven’t, in a nutshell, the president likened his bad bowling to... more »»

Access to home

February 12, 2009 One of our main goals at TLCIL is ensuring people with disabilities do whatever they feel in necessary to maintain or gain independence. more »»

Free communication relay

January 17, 2009 As you know, if you’ve read my previous columns, there is a huge variety of adaptive equipment that helps people with disabilities gain independence by depending less on others. more »»

Double standard

January 3, 2009 This past two weeks I’ve been bombarded with political correctness (if there is such a term-if not there should be) vs. common human courtesy. more »»

Change your thinking

December 18, 2008 By Lauren LeFebvre Let’s start with the disclaimer right away. The following contains my views on disabilitie. more »»

Watch where you’re parking

December 6, 2008 City sidewalks, busy sidewalks-you know the rest of the story. It’s the holiday season and it’s busy. more »»

Last words on how New York state failed to live up to the HAVA Act

November 22, 2008 Before this column really gets going, I want to thank the Enterprise for contacting TLCIL regarding the difficulties some polling sites were experiencing on Election Day with the “new” machines. more »»



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