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On switches and glitches

May 24, 2013 Let me get something straight from the get-go: I am not a technophobe. I neither fear nor hate technology. more »»

Service without a smile (service fee, that is)

May 17, 2013 Although there are lots of conspiracy buffs, I’m not one of them. Not that I doubt conspiracies exist. Of course they do, but not in the numbers and degree the buffs believ. more »»

Baby driver

May 10, 2013 On Wednesday when I left my house, everything seemed the same as usual. But something nagged at me, something distant and faint, but present nonetheless. more »»

Substandard standardization

May 3, 2013 Lately, there’s been a lot of controversy about public schools’ standardized testing. Locally, a group of parents have taken a strong stand and have refused to let their children take the test. more »»

In memoriam

April 26, 2013 Tuesday’s editorial in the Enterprise was a eulogy for Bill Madden. One part said “… you might have seen him cruising around in his Cadillac and even pulling over to the side of the road to chat. more »»

Bypassed by America’s pastime

April 19, 2013 All my life I heard how important it is to know where you belong. I think that’s true, but I also think it’s more important to know where you DON’T belong. Think about it. more »»

Spuds and duds

April 12, 2013 Like a lot of guys of my generation, I was a Cub Scout. At least I was one, officially. In reality, I wasn’t much of one at all. more »»

A Dickensian

April 5, 2013 Until I went to college, I disliked school. And I proved it, graduating 51st out of 98 —?perfect mediocrity. But to clarify: I didn’t dislike all my courses. more »»

The only exception to an exceptional guy

March 29, 2013 Last week, reading Clark Knight’s obituary, I was hit with both sorrow and joy. The sorrow is obvious, but the joy? Well, Clark had a life well-lived, and that counts for a lot in my book. more »»

Long live the King

March 22, 2013 Earlier in the week I was engaged in an animated three-way conversation in my offic. more »»

Anti-social insecurity

March 15, 2013 I imagine my attitude on filing for Social Security is a lot like a priest’s attitude on selecting a pope: You know it’s going to happen, sometime, but you don’t believe you’re going to witness it. more »»

A winter’s woe

March 8, 2013 A quick car quiz: You’ve got an old car. Body and engine are perfect, but suddenly it develops a problem. more »»

Frosty receptions

March 1, 2013 It seems each winter the Enterprise’s front page features several lost hikers This one’s lost on Marcy. That one’s lost on Phelps. Those ones are lost on Haystack. more »»

Of comfort and warmth

February 22, 2013 Fifteen years ago, give or take, the Amazon Queen came back from a trip to Shirley’s, big bag in hand, big smile on face. “Boy, did I get you a treasure today,” she said. “Really?” I . more »»

A cooling relationship

February 15, 2013 It should be no surprise that my highlight of the year is Winter Carnival. And furthermore, the highlight of my Carnival is the parade. more »»

The voice of WIRD

February 8, 2013 I’ve always liked the word mellifluous, even before I knew what it meant. Its definition is “sweet and smooth-sounding,” and its roots are Latin: mellis — honey; and fluere — to flow. more »»

A man to admire

February 1, 2013 Two weeks ago, the Lance Armstrong shtick caught everyone’s attention. Now, it’s not even a blip on the 6 o’clock news. more »»

It’s not about the man, either

January 25, 2013 A lot of last week — too much, I believe —?was taken up by my thinking about L’Affaire Armstrong. I’m referring of course to Lance Armstrong’s sort of confession on Oprah Winfrey’s show. more »»

Commodore Bunk and the H.A. Watermelon

January 18, 2013 Last week, Bunk Griffin did something he’s only done twice before — he retired. But this retirement was different because it was official. more »»

Keeping cool about keeping warm

December 28, 2012 Well, we lucked out and had a White Christmas after all, for which I give a big shout-out and mazel tov to The Great Spirit Manitou for his snowy gift. But it wasn’t a sure thing. more »»



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