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Getting shopped in shop

July 17, 2015 Fall 1959 was a memorable time. Jacques Plante of the Montreal Canadiens became the first National Football League goalie to wear a face mask during a game. more »»

Hardly a model child

July 10, 2015 I was a kid in the pre-Electronic Age. Or maybe more exactly, in its dawn. We had TVs, but they were black and white and got only a couple of station. more »»

The medical, the morbid and the madcap

July 3, 2015 The French and Russian revolutions to the contrary, all change is gradual. more »»

Man’s best friend, dog’s best foil

June 26, 2015 If you read my column regularly, you’ve a good idea who I am. more »»

A tale of dogged persistence

June 12, 2015 Last week, I thought I’d wrapped up the mystery of The Amazing Appearing Baseball on Larry Doyle’s grav. more »»

A grave matter

June 5, 2015 My whole adult life I’ve been a compulsive reader, but I’ve gone through a lot of different phases. I started with the classics, then got absorbed in modern fiction, then contemporary fiction. more »»

Etiquette for a retrofit hip

May 29, 2015 Something drilled into me at a young age that never left is the importance of good manners. more »»

Pudgy Johnson, woman (and girl) of mystery

May 22, 2015 A phrase you often hear bantered around small towns is, “I’ve known him all my life.” It is, of course, almost always metaphoric. more »»

The king and I

May 15, 2015 On Monday I ran into my old pal Barry “The Bopper” Hopper. The Bopper comes by his name honestly — he’s a guy my age whose whole life revolves around Old Time Rock and Roll. more »»

A perfect end of a perfect season

May 8, 2015 One of my favorite entertainments is watching sports. But I think my approach to it is different from most people’s since the only sports I watch are local ones. more »»

Matters of grave importance

May 1, 2015 Last week a mystery that bugged me for years was at last solved … at least partially. more »»

Smiling time

April 24, 2015 I discovered the word “serendipity” when I was in my mid-teens, and it was love at first definitio. more »»

Out to pasture is no disaster

April 17, 2015 Last May I hung up my red pen and retired. After that, whenever I told people I retired, they almost all said the same thing: “I’ll bet you’re busier now than you’ve ever been. more »»

Off the hook

April 10, 2015 On Tuesday I was diddy-bopping through town, lost in full-blown fantasy. I was somewhere in the tropics, bathed in sun and warmth, far away from anywhere covered with dog-poop-dotted snow. more »»

A very fishy fish story

April 3, 2015 Last week I wrote about Urban Legends, those fabulous tales that, in spite of their total lack of credibility, are believed by almost all who hear them. A brief selection: 1. more »»

Net gains ... and losses

March 27, 2015 “Wait a minute,” I said, trying to process the enormity of it. more »»

Keys to success

March 13, 2015 “Take your hands off it right now!” barked my mother. “And keep your hands off it!” “But—” I started. “No but anything, Bozo,” she sai. more »»

Keys to success

March 13, 2015 “Take your hands off it right now!” barked my mother. “And keep your hands off it!” “But—” I started. “No but anything, Bozo,” she sai. more »»

In for a Five and Dime, in for a Dollar

March 6, 2015 When I was a mere slip of a lad, in what’s now Sears there were two businesses. One was Woolworth’s, and the other was J.J. Newberry’s, and they both bastions of adventure. more »»

Sexuals in the city

February 27, 2015 As I get older, I get more confused. And the thing I’ve gotten most confused about is sex. Before you jump to any conclusions, let me say I’m not referring to the act itself. more »»



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