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Lives of a cell

November 11, 2011 I have a confession to make: I now have a cell phone. It started with a phone call from my brother. “So,” said he, “tell me all the news of Our Home Town.” “ALL the news?” I said. more »»

In (and out) of the hood

November 4, 2011 As any dog owner can attest, whenever you get a new canine, you get a bunch of new adjustments as well. Let’s face it, dogs are as individualistic as people. more »»

Food for forgetting

October 28, 2011 Recently I was in Nori’s Whole Foods, wandering around, idly checking the merchandise, when my gaze fell on the soybean bin. I looked at it … and looked again. Something held my attention. more »»

Musings of a high-tech wreck

October 14, 2011 In class last week we were talking about technology when one of my students said her grandfather couldn’t use a computer. “A lot of older people can’t use computers,” I said. “Sure,” she sai. more »»

The good neighbor policy ... gone bad

October 7, 2011 The Robert Frost quote almost everyone knows is, “Good fences make good neighbors.” Ironically, while most people know the quote, few people understand its context. more »»

When a Ms. is as good as a Miles

September 30, 2011 I have always tried to avoid getting angry. Aside from all the hell it raises with my delicate constitution, it never accomplishes anything. In fact, it always makes everything worse. more »»

Freddy, the deep freeze and pasta fagioli

September 23, 2011 When I got home, my answering machine showed one new call. I hit the play button and heard, “Hey, Bobby …” Of course it was someone from my childhood, since no one’s called me Bobby since then. more »»

Losses and gains

September 16, 2011 I love mornings … as long as I sleep through them. And don’t tell me how it’s the most beautiful time of the day or that it’s a whole new beginning or the rest of that bumpf. more »»

Drunk on junk

September 9, 2011 In college I majored in history, which was hardly a surprise since I always liked the past more than the future … or even the present. more »»

The trials and tribulations of an independent Claus

September 2, 2011 When I was a callow youth, almost all adults were figures of ridicule. Three types, however, were special targets of my disdain. One was people who talked to their animals. more »»

The best game of tag

August 26, 2011 The term “Creature of Habit” has lousy connotation. more »»

Notes of a Bedford boy

August 19, 2011 Last week I wrote about my unsuccessful and not-brief-enough career as a Boy Scout camping in the Adirondack wilds. more »»

A not-so-happy camper

August 12, 2011 As heretical as it may sound, coming from an Adirondack native, I hate camping. I’d like to say this is a recent development, but it’s not. more »»

Going to the dogs

August 5, 2011 Last November, for reasons known only to The Great Spirit (if even it knows) I decided to get another dog. My decision may have been a bit on the impulsive side but my selection process was not. more »»

A biting commentary

July 29, 2011 In India, there’s a religion called Jainism. Its essential tenet is reverence for all life, and to that end, they’re pacifists and vegetarian. more »»

The rundown on running down

July 22, 2011 No matter how you cut it, aging is a very weird trip. Think about it this way: If you want to become a credible scholar and get a Ph.D., it’ll take you maybe 25 years, counting some time off. more »»

Bronco’s best ride

July 15, 2011 When I was in the Navy, I kept hearing an urban legend about a guy who hated the service so much, he refused to leave his bunk until he was discharged. more »»

The breaks of the game

July 8, 2011 How do we know what’s going on in the world? How do we know the true shape of our economy, or the situation in Afghanistan, or what politicians believe versus what they say? The answer’s simple: We... more »»

Tykes, trikes and bikes

July 1, 2011 There comes a time in every male child’s life when The Great Cosmic Truth of Post-Toddlerhood dawns on him: He is no longer a baby. Now he is a boy, spelled B-O-Y. more »»

Having second thoughts

June 24, 2011 Something that amazes me: After people master a skill, almost immediately they forget how hard it’d been. For example, tying your shoelaces. more »»



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