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Connections — BBB?and otherwise

July 2, 2010 Currently, based on an initiative from hizzoner Clyde Rabideau, a committee is working to create a walk of fame. more »»

Manners, in a manner of speaking

June 25, 2010 Back in the peak of the Schizophrenic Sixties, a famous quote about young people made the rounds. more »»

Notes from Fat City

June 18, 2010 Several years ago a book came out called “Men Are from Mars, Women Are From Venus. more »»

The qualities of a quality guy

June 11, 2010 Bob Griffin was unlike any friend I ever had. He was a great athlete, a dedicated teacher, a devoted family man. But so are a lot of peopl. more »»

So how many Saranac Lake locals does it take?

June 4, 2010 I’ve always been fascinated by word play. And when I say word play, I pretty much mean all word play. more »»

Memorial Day 2010

May 28, 2010 This year, during the hottest May I can remember, I’d like to memorialize the coolest person I’ve ever known — Bea Drutz. more »»

Out of step

May 21, 2010 At the Paul Smith’s graduation last Sunday I was reminded of one of my graduations — the one I never attended — my boot camp graduation. more »»

The case of the phantom cathouse

May 14, 2010 When friends from distant climes call and ask what’s happening, I always tell them the same thing — “Nothing.” But believe it or not, last week something happened. more »»

Friends in cyber-places

May 7, 2010 I’ve got a question for you. How can I have 215 officially certified friends but never hear from any of them? Give up? Well, the answer’s simple — I’m on Facebook. more »»

Wind power at its worst

April 30, 2010 According to Yiddish tradition, the definition of a fool is someone who talks too much. Last week I was reminded of this when speaking to my brothe. more »»

The airwaves, the Fat Man and me

April 23, 2010 I’ve been in love with radios my whole lif. more »»

Happy Hour ... the Navy way

April 16, 2010 On behalf of her husband Tom, my pal Sheila Betters Schoenwetter asked if I thought an inordinate number of Saranac Lakers went into the Navy, and if so, why? I’m sure there’s a ream of... more »»

The lowdown on fashion

April 9, 2010 Fashion’s worth, like reality shows’ and congressional lobbyists’, has always eluded me. For example: This year, shirts with cranberry bodies and canary yellow collars are “in. more »»

The Big Shot and the big shot

April 2, 2010 The recent success of our hometown Olympians is a perfect example of local greatness going global. more »»

Beating the bicillin blues

March 26, 2010 I was in boot camp over 40 years ago, but because it was so intense, so too are its memories. more »»

Civics and civility 101

March 19, 2010 I’m writing this on Monday, in my official village office — the Blue Moon. It’s the Ides of March and while that was a major bummer for Julius Caesar, it’s A-OK with. more »»

Trials and tribulations of an autoneurotic

March 12, 2010 A lot of people pay a lot of money for cars with status, so they can see themselves as global explorers, urban sophisticates, retro-studs, bad girls — you name it. more »»

From rags to riches to rags

March 5, 2010 In Yiddish, the word for rag is “Shmatta” — a word I’ve always loved for a bunch of reasons. more »»

Brotherhood, sisterhood and My Home Town

February 26, 2010 General George S. Patton, a man who knew how to run things, said, “Success demands a high level of logistical and organizational competence. more »»

Paper tigers

February 19, 2010 Does anybody know exactly how many people it takes to put on the official Winter Carnival events? I don’t, but I know it’s extensive. more »»



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