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Brother Clark, Old Lady Hickey and the sweet by and by

November 20, 2009 It seems the only thing almost everyone hates to do is laundry — especially at the laundromat. But not me. I like going to the laundromat. more »»

A Dope of French letters

November 13, 2009 You want to know what tickles my sardonic fancy? It’s listening to people screech about all the immigrants in America who can’t speak English. more »»

Saranac Lake and the Great Frozen South

November 6, 2009 Since my parents came from New York City and we visited there several times a year, I knew almost from the get-go that My Home Town and the Rotten Apple were polar opposite. more »»

Frozen in roughly 4/4 time

October 30, 2009 As soon as I heard the announcement telling me to report to the principal’s office, I knew what it was for. more »»

On point

October 23, 2009 As a kid, I wanted a secret life. I knew I wasn’t in the same league as Batman, Superman and Green Arrow, so being a superhero was out of the question. Thus I settled on being a spy. more »»

A sad week for Hammerheads

October 16, 2009 A popular sport among people my age is called “Place the Blame.” Place the blame for what, you ask? For everything you feel has gone wrong with your life, that’s what. more »»

Mousie-Tung and a battle of the sexes

October 9, 2009 It was a typical weeknight at La Casa Del Dopo. Brother Phineas the Pug Thug and I were on the couch — I correcting papers, he licking the Mousie-Tung. more »»

Car talk II: The James Brown School of Driving

October 2, 2009 It was Friday afternoon and I’d finished classes with my usual end-of-week ambivalence: tired from the grind, wired for the weekend. more »»

Car talk — part 1

September 25, 2009 I’ve never cared about cars as status symbols. And it’s a darn good thing, what with my having driven only pre-1970 VW Beetles for 35 years. more »»

The focal point

September 22, 2009 A lot of people worry about aging and all its miseries, but not m. more »»

From high tech to low dreck

September 11, 2009 For the past 35 years I’ve begun my classes with pleasant, meaningless chit-chat — “How ya doin?” Anyone got something interesting to share?” “Wanna buy a duck?” — happy hokum, the calm before the... more »»

Wheels of misfortune

September 4, 2009 Although there are people who don’t believe in luck, I’m not one of the. more »»

Winging it

August 28, 2009 Although my father was an ophthalmologist, my brother and I rarely see eye-to-eye. more »»

Misadventures of a bookish boy

August 13, 2009 My drive to own books began when I was 11. By then I’d acquired a decent reading level, and perhaps more important, some money of my ow. more »»

A monument of stone and a heart of gold

August 7, 2009 The first thing I try to explain to my students about writing narratives is to focus on their most important component, which is the story, not the facts. more »»

The I’s don’t have it

July 31, 2009 Lately the Enterprise has hosted an ongoing debate about bicycle/vehicle etiquette – or the lack thereof. The causes of the conflict are simple, since they’re the causes of all conflic. more »»

Our very last line of defense

July 24, 2009 I was in the I.B. Hunt agency chatting with the agency’s CEO, CFO and XO Ken Hunt as well as with the brains of the outfit, Carolyn Salls. more »»

My foot!

July 17, 2009 Dog days are named after Sirius, the “dog star,” and are supposedly the hottest days of the summer. more »»

The valley of the dogs

July 10, 2009 If you’re scared of thunder, My Home Town is probably not the place to be this summer. And if you’re terrified of thunder, it’s definitely not the place to b. more »»

Good expectations

July 3, 2009 I was in Seattle last week, and when I checked my e-mail, there was one from a favorite student. Its only text was a Faulkner quote: “The past isn’t dead. It isn’t even past. more »»



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