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Rendezvous at Route 86

October 10, 2014 When it comes to the metaphysical and paranormal, I’m no believer. ESP, auras, psychic readings, Bigfoot, spoon bending, telekinesis —?you name it, and I doubt it. more »»

Old damn river

October 3, 2014 September hosts some great causes for celebration. On Sept. 17, 1787, the U.S. Constitution was signed. The 25th is Mozambique Armed Forces Day. more »»

The little Dope and the big time

September 26, 2014 If I’d been more out of it in high school, I would’ve been on life support. This was readily apparent last weekend when I went to my class’s 50th reunion. more »»

High school hotties

September 19, 2014 Our species has labeled itself “homo sapien.” This means “wise human.” From what I’ve seen of us, it’s a mis-labeling. more »»

Where smart angels might fear to tread

September 12, 2014 No matter how you cut it, we are a nation of amateur psychologists. Of course, this was inevitable, since we’re also an nation of professional psychologists. more »»

A good end … and a great beginning

August 29, 2014 A sad fact of American life is that few people read Shakespeare. more »»

Confessions of an auto neurotic

August 22, 2014 “So,” I said, as soon as the Amazon Queen answered the phone, “you wanna go out for breakfast?” “I dunno,” she said. “Why not?” “Not that hungry right now,” she said. more »»

Miracle on Main Street

August 15, 2014 I’ve always admired administrators and bureaucrats for one good reason: They never make mistakes. Or at least they never admit they make mistakes. more »»

The upset of the century

August 8, 2014 As soon as I walked into Nori’s , I heard my name called. The caller was Bruce Dudley. “Hey,” he said, “I’ve got something to show you.” “So show me,” I said. “I can’t. more »»

The forest and the trees

August 1, 2014 If a stranger had stumbled upon us, I’ve no idea what they’d have thought. more »»

Alley cats

July 25, 2014 It’s a fact of life that kids and adults think differently. I think it’s also a shame, if for no other reason than as we get older, we get harder to please. more »»

Camp Bedford, Part II

July 18, 2014 Last week I wrote about my adventures at Boy Scout camp, Camp Bedford. Or more exactly, I wrote about some of my adventures, for very few could be covered in one colum. more »»

The care and feeding of boys —1960 style

July 11, 2014 Self-deception being what it is, I usually think of myself as a hip, with-it kind of guy. Too often, however, I find out I’m pretty much an oblivious rube instead. more »»

The joys of Horror Lite

July 4, 2014 To me, the horror in horror movies is like hot sauce. A little bit of the mild stuff is exquisite, but even a tad of the intense stuff is far too much. more »»

Arms and Hammond

June 13, 2014 We’ve all heard of Einstein’s relativity of time, but what exactly does it mean? Simply put, time is relative to the person experiencing it. more »»

Denny O hits the Hibernian long ball

June 6, 2014 When I hear the term “exemplary citizen,” I’m immediately reminded of my friend Denny O. As a citizen, he’s twice the man I am, holding both American and Irish citizenship. more »»

Just say no to woes

May 30, 2014 An odd little fact: “Hello” was never used as a greeting until the invention of the telephone. Before that, it was either a hunting call or an exclamation of surprise. more »»

Gag order

May 23, 2014 So many people have labeled me techno-inept and technophobic that it’s now time to set the record straight. As for being techno-inept? Guilty as charged. more »»

Fiend of the library

May 16, 2014 “You know,” Rebecca Buerkett said, “that’s a stereotype we librarians have been trying to shake for years.” “I’m sure,” I said. “But it’s not like it isn’t based on reality. more »»

The hip and the unhip

May 9, 2014 I was in the Post Office Pharmacy doing what everyone my age does there — waiting for my latest prescription. Ah yes, prescriptions. Either they’ll end my misery or prolong it. more »»



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