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An offer worth accepting

October 21, 2013 Of the six referendum questions all New Yorkers will be asked on the back of their ballots Nov. more »»

Leaders in luxury

October 19, 2013 We’re no great judge of the high life — our tastes run pretty simple — but we do know New York is a big state with some pretty fancy vacation spots: Manhattan, Saratoga Springs and the Hamptons, for... more »»

Help feed people

October 18, 2013 Those who either volunteer at or take advantage of local food pantries know the demand there is high. more »»

Vote yes to let judges serve until age 80

October 17, 2013 Proposition 6 is the last question New Yorkers will be asked on their ballots on Nov. 5. It’s a state constitutional amendment to raise the mandatory retirement age for state judges from 70 to 8. more »»

Let common sense prevail

October 14, 2013 Part of the reason so many Americans are fed up with government in general is that too often, bureaucrats display a lack of common sense. more »»

Olympic community cares about athletes

October 12, 2013 Lake Placid is often called the Olympic Village, and the area around it the Olympic Region. more »»

Life-saving resources

October 11, 2013 At certain times, life can be very confusing and troublesome, especially if you are a young adul. more »»

Best to vote no to casino proposal

October 10, 2013 Sadly, the decision about voting yes or no to whether New York should allow more casinos requires the voter to weigh more than just the pros and cons of the question itself: e.g. more »»

Celebrating newspapers

October 5, 2013 In the 1930s, small businesses lasted an average of 45 years in their communities, which is a lot different at today’s average of just seven years. more »»

Help make suicide less common

October 4, 2013 Five million living Americans have tried to kill themselves. More than a million attempt it each year. And every year, more than 38,000 succeed — if that’s what one should call i. more »»

Complicated system could be improved

October 3, 2013 The Affordable Care Act has commenced — not with actual coverage but with plan signups — and so far it seems like a mess. more »»

Open-minded in rail/trail debate

October 2, 2013 We appreciate the persistence of advocates for the Adirondack Scenic Railroad and those for replacing it with a multi-use trail in the state-owned corridor between Lake Placid and Old Forge, but the... more »»

New health system must prevent ID theft

September 30, 2013 Hopefully, President Barack Obama’s administration has sufficiently guarded against the possibility that Americans who seek advice about the national health care law — which kicks in tomorrow — will... more »»

Economic uncertainty 55 years ago, too

September 28, 2013 We stumbled across this Enterprise editorial when answering an email about our archives. It’s from April 16, 1958, by Jim Loeb, who (along with Roger Tubby) owned this paper at the time. more »»

Disaster aid should have reasonable limits

September 27, 2013 No one ought to go through the devastation suffered by hundreds of thousands of people in the Gulf states when Hurricane Katrina hit there in August 2005. more »»

Needed: someone to connect the dots

September 26, 2013 Aaron Alexis, who slaughtered 12 people at the Washington Navy Yard on Monday, was a mentally ill man with a grudge against the Navy. more »»

Stop dithering and reopen railroad plan

September 23, 2013 Public meetings on the great Adirondack rail-vs.-trail debate had already begun when people learned that the state hasn’t even decided whether to open this can of worms. more »»

Ski Big Tupper again, or for the first time

September 21, 2013 Big Tupper Ski Area is a gem, and the news that it will be reopened this winter is thrilling. It was missed last winter, even if the reasons for its closure were understandable. more »»

Can’t let bullies win

September 20, 2013 Among the most heart-wrenching stories in the news last week was that of a 12-year-old Florida girl who committed suicide after being bullied for nearly a year. more »»

Legislators look lousy in feud with sheriff

September 14, 2013 Franklin County legislators have made themselves look pretty bad in an ongoing feud with Sheriff Kevin Mulverhill. more »»



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