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Are they all in denial?

November 18, 2008 - John Stack

Yesterday, Gov Paterson gave even more bleak economic news. Rather than 1.5 billion shortfall this year, its more like 2 billion. And with Citibank slashin 53,000 (yeah, 53,000!) jobs, and Goldman Sachs saying they will forego bonuses this year, the picture is probably worse (NY gets a significant amount of tax revenue from end of year bonuses). But, Citi realized they couldn't do it anymore, and slashed 20 percent of their payroll. Gov Paterson has come up with a number of ways to try and slash back some spending. The response from the Assembly and Senate? A seeming giant yawn. They have so far refused to even offer any type of plan whatsoever! Paterson quoted, and I have to belive many of us New Yorkers have to agree, 'Its more than irresponsible - it doesn't make any sense. This type of inaction, I think its embarrassing'.  What have we heard from our reps? What has Betty Little proposed? Janet Duprey? Teresa Seyward? These are the times that these people make their money. For years and years, these people have been able to just go along and get along without any really taking any risks. Now, they have to. In addition to the 2 billion this year, next year is projected as a $12 billion hole! In Jim McCulley's blog, he implores people like CSEAs Danny Donahue that something has to be done. And NOTHING is being done.

Mayor Bloomberg is also the head of a group of idiots in complete denial. Part of his plan to close a $2 billion deficit was to not send out the yearly $400 rebate checks. But no, the city council says they have the final say. It seems like the city taxpayers will get their $400 and Bloomberg will have to cut $400 for every check he sends out. Do these fools somehow think the money will fall from the sky?

In Detroit, today's NY Post describes how over 9,000 GM execs get a new car every 6 months, for all of $250 which includes insurance and repairs. Plus, they can expense out the gasoline ! For an extra $50, they get their choice of vehicles. What do you think is by far the most used vehicle? The monster $55,000Cadillac Escalade. Who cares about mileage when GM is footing the gas bill? And this is of course the company that wants us taxpayers to bail them out to the tune of tens of billions! How can they have 9,000 'top managers'?!

Its ironic that between the senate and assembly, all can see, but all are blind. In the governor's mansion, he who is blind seems to be the only one who can see. 



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