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Paladino for gov! Seriously?

October 19, 2010 - John Stack
This political season is one of the most interesting in years. Interesting in that it is fun to watch. I love the anarchy, chaos and mind blowing narcissism that comes out this time of the cycle. In 2008, I was really concerned. I didn’t want to imagine another president that would follow in W’s shoes and continue us onto to Armegeddon. (By the way, I took one of those polls this weekend on Facebook ‘What ancient God are you’ – I had gotten stuck with Luke Skywalker as my Star Wars character – at least I wasn’t an ewok – so my answers were jaded by this – and my God was Hades – ruler of the underworld). But, this year, it really doesn’t matter I guess who wins and loses. The US congress will be an even worse tepid vat of sludge and sewage. And it won’t affect us here in the North Country in any seeming palpable way. In New York, it can’t get any worse. If Dave Kimmel were to win in the Assembly race, what will really happen? NOOOTHING. Shelly Silver will still be calling the shots from his gilded throne in Manhattan. Kimmel will be like the national GOP party. He would just be forced to continue the current conservative methodology of ‘Party of No’. I say this as a realist. He would be lowest on the seniority rankings, and in the minority party. He would have as much influence on NYS property tax reform or ethical reform as my retired mother living in Tennessee. But the best of the season, at least for New Yorkers is the Paladino campaign. The Republican/Conservative machine in New York has been an absolute train wreck this year and one that has been fun to watch as we slowly drive by the carnage. First, GOP chairman Ed Cox backs Steve Levy – turncoat opportunistic registered Democrat for the GOP nod. (party switchers are always to be looked at with a cynical eye – especially one who is still registered as the opposing party. Few can make the switch, and Levy was no Giuliani or Bloomberg). Then Rick Lazio gets the nomination. Then to watch as he was ignoring Paladino all season and getting whupped on primary day, he was still delusionally claiming ‘Look, it will still be Lazio versus Cuomo on Election Day!. Then, Lazio backed out, leaving Mike Long of the Conservative Party to have to swallow a bowling ball and back Paladino. Yeah. Paladino, the worst and most unfit candidate running in about any race statewide. His biggest seeming asset is that he is a successful businessman. Heck, I have an Economics degree and have worked for NYS Real Property Services for 19 years (next Sunday is 19 years!) that doesn’t mean I’m qualified to a seat on the Federal Reserve Board. Heck, Larry Flynt and Bob Guccione are far more successful in business than Paladino, but I don’t see the Conservative party backing them for high political office. Eliot Spitzer swept into office just 4 years ago as on a tsunami of bipartisan support. As AG, his style was exactly what was needed. If not for Client 9, he should have stayed and become one of the greatest AGs ever. His problem wasn’t that he wasn’t right. He just didn’t see that a mandate of the people means absolutely nothing to the elected officials. Remember how he tried to use a professional way to replace Hevesi? Who could argue against his methodology? He brought everyone to the table, completely bipartisan, but the Assembly had to keep one of their own (the vote was 150-56!! Votes for heroic firefighters don’t pass by that much!). This should have been a sign to Spitzer that the governorship was nothing like what he encountered as AG. And Paladino? He has some seriously …uh how do I phrase this diplomatically…malinformed ideas. Cut NYS taxes by 10%. Shrink NYS government by 20%. Seems like a good idea. But the possibility of that happening? I’d put my money on XL NJ governor Chris Christie winning the 2011 ironman race before I would bet on that happening. But how about being actually fit for office? How about his statements about family being off limits during the campaign (an allusion to his daughter via an extramarital affair). I agree family should be out of it. Then he attacks Cuomo for bringing his daughters to a Gay Pride parade? Saying he’s a bad father? Uh…looks hypocritical AND a complete lack of self knowledge and of what the voting public understands. How about his pejorative words about his political rivals? Nothing gets done in NY politically without Sheldon Silver’s blessing. Calling him a criminal again and again amongst other demeaning references sure ain’t gonna get tort reform accomplished! How about blatant hypocrisy? How about all the tax breaks his companies get, yet he rails on about how all these companies get taxpayer giveaways without returning anything? I’m not saying many of the tax breaks aren’t helpful, I’m saying you can’t rail against them and accept them at the same time. How about his non-disclosure of his outside income on legally mandated financial disclosure forms? While of course bedeviling Silver for (legally) not disclosing his outside income (I’m again, not saying Silver should be able to do what he does, but he has the current legal right to do so). How about his pro-life stance? He says he is against abortions even in the cases of rape and incest. But…how about the shopping mall complex which he has received hundreds of thousands in tax breaks – which includes a Planned Parenthood office? What was it about Jesus Christ and blood money? How about his inane comments about gays at the parade. He said on many shows about how these ‘guys in G-strings grinding on each other’. That’s his gubernatorial viewpoint on gays? He doesn’t even see the Neanderthalian view that espouses. His incredible political naiveté and close minded viewpoints make sarah palin seem outright progressive! But, is it possible to actually cast a well rationed vote FOR Paladino? Probably the majority of registered Democrats and Republicans will vote for their party’s candidate, regardless who they are and who their opponent is> Either side can count on 30 percent or more of the electorate’s vote, even if their candidates are Ted Bundy, The Marlboro Man and Triumph The Insult Comic Dog going against Mahatma Ghandi, Muhammad Ali and Colin Powell. I mean really, how many people aren’t voting against Cuomo rather than for Paladino? Also, as a person who enjoys the tragic train wreck political theater-of-the-absurd, seeing Paladino in the Governor’s office for the next four years would be the climax of my ‘ignorance tax ‘ ideology (if people are dumb enough to vote them in, they deserve what they get)


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