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Mann and Mosque

September 9, 2010 - John Stack

             I really like to run. People run for all types of reasons. To get physically fit. To challenge themselves. To clear their heads from the stress of their daily lives. But also, there is a camraderie among runners. And even among the spectators. When watching a running race, don’t you cheer for everyone? Don’t you wish your competitor good luck before a race, or even run side by side with a friend or even someone you just met on the course? I’ve run the last 10 miles of the Lake Placid half with Karen Delaney. I’ve run the first 5 miles with Nancie Battaglia. During a marathon in Columbus, I ended up running 10 miles with a girl in her mid-20s who I never met before. In the Ironman, I was feeling near dead at mile 18 or so. Walking. A guy catches up to me and says ‘hey, lets just see if we can run a little while’. We ended up running about 5 slow miles together. Never saw him befor eor after the run. Didn’t know his name. His religion. His political persuasion. None of that mattered a lick. We were all just runners out there. Back in 2001, we ran the half marathon 2 days after the tragedy of 9-11. Beofre the race, we all held hands in solidarity that we were Americans and nothing could hold us down. This Saturday, the race is being run on 9-11 again. It will again be emotional at the starting line. Among the starters will be Christians, Jews, Muslims, agnostics and atheists. There will be republicans, conservatives, democrats and liberals lined up. And it will not matter to any of us about these tags.

                But my beef today is about Carol Mann and the World Golf Hall of Fame, which is supported by all of the major golf associations around the world. Carol Mann is an LPGA Hall of Famer. She is one of three official golf ambassadors for the World Golf Hall of Fame. On Mann’s Facebook page, she posted this: I am against the Muslim worship center at Ground Zero because it’s too much of a flagrant demonstration of our own “tolerance” out of control. I do not believe the Muslims are children of the God I know, the one who sacrificed His only Son, Jesus, to provide forgiveness and salvation for us without earning it by “works….” All we have to do is believe in Christ and we gain His Kingdom. The United States is a Christian country, founded on Christian principles and with an expectation of Christian behavior. Let the Muslims erect their worship centers in other countries that are not Christian. Go away – soon!’

            Many people are backing up Mann. The World Golf Hall of Fame says this is her personal opinion, so they won’t be commenting (or obviously asking her to leave her post). Many people claim its not religious intolerance and its about ‘trampling sacred ground’. Mann’s diatribe is all about religious intolerance. Its about Christianity or the highway. Its all against what our founding fathers, our military, and our constitution and stand for. Our ‘tolerance out of control’? Freedom of religion is ‘tolerance out of control’? How many times have people on the left and the right said ‘I don’t agree with you, but I will defend with my life your right to say it’? I guess that only applies…sometimes. How about ‘The United states is a Christian country’ – what does that mean? That if the majority of a country is of one type of religion, that country becomes a proponent of that religion? We are NOT a Christian country. We are a secular country. In fact, the Constitution that crazy flag wavers and anti-mosque demonstrators love to wave around expressly states  Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; It is actually codified that we are NOT a Christian (or Muslim or Jewish or Hindu) nation.

            But, how about ‘Let the Muslims erect their worship centers in other countries that are not Christian’. No hiding her complete lack of religious tolerance or celebrating the ‘melting pot’ that America prides itself. So, if there are millions of Muslims in the US, none should be able to erect a mosque – anywhere? They should be sent ‘back to their Muslim’ country in order to practice their religion?

            Finally ‘Go away – soon!’. If somehow someone was still defending this bigoted fascist, how to explain this? Its not even as enlightened  the ridiculously intolerant ‘America – love it or leave it’ screed of misinformed demagogic flag wavers.

            Why pick on Carol Mann? Because she isn’t some unknown living in some remote Podunk town. She is literally an ambassador of golf for millions. As she goes around the world and attends media and golf events, she carries with her the implicit condoning of her views of those that employ her, and those that promote the USGA and the rest. How many golfers are there in the US? How many in the world? And our ambassador to the rest of the world is this has-been bigoted windbag. I wonder what she thinks about Augusta National’s policy against women. Or what she felt about private golf clubs denying membership to blacks. Its time to retire Ms Mann from her post. Golf and the US shouldn’t have to put up with her.







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