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Presidential endorsement?

October 31, 2008 - John Stack

Today's Enterprise includes an endorsement for McCain by the Adirondack Daily Enterprise. It is subtitled 'Ogden Newspapers' (The parent company that owns ADE). Now, I understand we all have our different views on which candidate would be best to lead us over the next 4 years. But this endorsement seems like more of a paid campaign ad. It speaks of the his opponents of mocking his maverick reputation. ??? Huh? This is a race for the PRESIDENCY! What did they expect, the democrats praising him for being this great agent of change within his party? I am one of those who are mocking him for his overuse of the maverick theme. Mostly, because its overused, but also, who cares if he's a maverick if he doesn't get things done? The article goes on to say that if McCain had been listened to, we wouldn't be in the financial mess we are now. Who cares! If he couldn't get it done, its not worthy of mention! Any astute political observer knows how this system works. A senator pushes some plan they know won't ever pass. It invariably fails, and the senator gets credit for trying (like in kindergarten) and he can't paint the opposition as people who stand in the way of progress. As the bill has no chance, it is no risk. The senator couldn't care less about the details, or if it would be a massive failure. ..Please, give me some triumphs, not  'But I tried!'

The endorsement goes onto ay McCain works closely with those who would build America up, not tear her down (speaking of Aters and Wright). How about McCain's agent of intolerance, Jerry Falwell? He blamed 9-11 on  pro-lifers, feminists, gays and lesbians. McCain made nice-nice with Falwell (to build his conservative base) and even gave a commencement speech at his university!

And I didn't even touch on McCain's blatantly opportunistic pick of Palin.

I was hoping for a good, well reasoned endorsement of McCain. Instead I got a fawning love-in advertisement for the GOP. I have to believe Peter Crowley had nothing to do with the writing of this 'endorsement'. Otherwise, 'et tu Peter'?


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Apr-01-14 10:56 AM


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