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The Homestretch

October 30, 2008 - John Stack
Yes, the silly season is upon us. In the good news column, nut job Phil Berg’s lawsuit against Obama has been dismissed (on Oct 24th).The lawsuit claimed some ridiculous accusations, the most serious that Obama is not a US citizen. A similar lawsuit was filed because McCain was actually born at a Navy base in the Panama Canal Zone (also dismissed).
            At McCain/Palin rallies, shouts of ‘treason’ and ‘kill him’ have followed when Obama’s name has been mentioned. At least the McCain/Palin camp has done their best to… well, not actually condone this, but not address it either. Martin Luther King Jr famously said ‘ Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter’.
            There are reports about how people cannot conceive of a McCain/Palin presidency as well as an Obama presidency (ODS – The Obama Derangement Syndrome). One woman was telling a reporter about how distraught she was over an Obama presidency. She was seemingly near deep depression. Of course, she went on to say that she sits and watches Fox News all day long to help cope (?). If I was afraid of things that go bump in the night, I wouldn’t spend all day long watching horror movies!
            The McCain camp is trying to smear Obama with a videotape from a 2003 gala for a former PLO figurehead, Rashid Khalidi. Not to let a little thing like protecting a source, the GOP wants the LA Times to release this supposed awful tape, even though the Times explicitly told the confidential source they would not release it – 5 years ago! Also, the Times had a write up on what happened at the party and what was on the videotape (see links). But, these idiots McCain/Palin and the fool Michele Malkin in yesterday’s New York Post, don’t tell that Khalid founded the ‘Khalidis Center for Palestinean Research and Studies’ (CPSR). John McCain became chair of the International Republican Institute in 1993, and in 1998 the IRI gave the CPSR $500,000!! Not just a little cynical???
            Another reporter tells of a woman who didn’t want to vote for Obama. She was asked why. She told the reporter that she had seen pictures of Obama’s childhood home, and she saw ‘Muslim furniture’!! People like this should have their right to vote revoked for life!
Finally, there is the Rev James David Manning. I included a link to a sermon of his. In it, he rails against Obama. It is one of the most awful, mean, racist, (and he's black) sermons you could ever hear. Kind of makes Rev Wright seem like a gentle country preacher.


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