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other races

October 22, 2008 - John Stack
There are 2 other national political races going on locally, Gillibrand Vs Treadwell, and Oot vs McHugh.
            A topic more on the minds of voters this year is ‘the experience to lead’. Of course The Winker from Wasilla has put this front and center of the presidential race. What about the race between Gillibrand and Treadwell? As far as I can tell, he hasn’t held elected political office of any note. He has served as Secretary of State and the NYS Republican committee. He gets marks for supporting or not supporting issues, but has never actually cast a vote himself on any of the topics. Its easy to sit back and talk about stuff (like I do daily on this blog) it’s a whole other thing when you are actually in office and have to put your name next to a vote. Gillibrand has put her name next to votes that show her to be an extremely pro-gun Democrat in New York, as well as voting twice against the bailout. Now there is a Maverick! When it comes to fund raising, it’s a real big story. I almost laughed out loud when it was reported yesterday that Treadwell spent $4.4 million of his own money on his campaign, whereas Gillibrand has spent $250 of her own money. Heck, how much more good would that $4.4 million done for the poor or needy or whatever rather than paying for political ads and the like? How little do the Republicans think of his chances if they are seemingly avoiding spending any party money on his race? Recently, Gillibrand donated some money to a charity, and Treadwell responded with saying he would forego his salary if he won the seat. What a joke! He has spent more money on his own campaign so far than he would get if he was a congressman for another 40 years! A final note is that General Electric has contributed to Gillibrand’s campaign, ironically the company Sandy’s grandfather helped create. To be fair though, a guy who writes a book on marathon running can’t be all bad…
            Oot and McHugh just held a debate downstate. In it, McHugh declared he voted with Bush less than 45% of the time. I couldn’t pin this down as to how he came up with that number, but when it comes to voting with his own party, he votes less with his party than McCain, as well as voting along party lines less than the average republican. But, even Barack Obama votes with Bush more than 45% of the time. A good portion of the votes are procedural, and usually pass unanimously. Also, many votes also have to do with naming an official rhubarb for the Herkimer county fair. (I did hear though that Bush pushed to have popcorn as the official State Fair snack food, but McHugh, with a large contribution from Cotton Candy Suppliers of Upper Salisbury, voted against this). Another oddity. McHugh has been to Iraq so often, I wonder if he has a second home there (I know the CCSUS has a hospitality suite at the Baghdad Hilton). But, in the website veteransreportcard dot org, McHugh gets one of the lowest ratings in all of New York for his support for veterans on topics such as health care and education.
All in all, my pick is that Gillibrand will win the 20th, easily as will McHugh win the 24th handily. Luckily, I don’t think McHugh is a bad congressman, and I know very little about Oot.


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