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Unwanted Consequences

January 28, 2010 - John Stack
Sometimes, when a public servant goes bad, removing the miscreant makes things better and their replacement restores some public confidence. When Nixon left office, Ford stepped in. While not considered one of our greatest presidents, he did restore some confidence in our government after Tricky Dick. When Spitzer resigned, I still claim NY is better off with Paterson than we ever would have been with Client 9. Unfortunately, in the tawdry tale of Gov Sanford of South Carolina , the cure may be worse than the disease. We all remember how Gov Sanford disappeared for days to see his mistress in Argentina and lied saying he was on the AT. He is still governor though. As an aside, he may not have committed a crime worthy of impeachment, but should have bucked up like a man and resigned. But, South Carolinians and the nation as a whole may be better of for it. Wht? Lt Gov Andre Bauer.
            Who is Andre Bauer? He is the elected Lt Gov of South Carolina who would take over in case Sanford were to leave. He is an ambitious, right wing, egotistical power hungry politician. Then again, that describes many a politician, and many we all vote for. But, even many in his own party hate him. In running for Lt Gov, Mark Sanford’s wife even campaigned for his opponent (no love lost between those two families). Who is running his campaign for Gov in 2010? None other than the vermin Chris LaCivita who was responsible for the ‘Swift Boat’ campaign that derailed John Kerry’s presidential bid. He is as oily a politician as they come. He was pulled over for doing 101 in his car. When reporter asked if he had gotten a ticket (it wasn’t news yet) he said no. Later, when the facts were brought up, he claimed that had he been asked if he got a ticket, truthfully he hadn’t. He had only been pulled over for doing 101 (as he also made sure the officer knew he was the LG). Maybe splitting hairs.
But, this past week, his penchant for running off at the mouth got the best of him. At a ‘town hall’ meeting, he relayed a story from his grandmother about feeding stray animals, saying ‘."You know why?" he asked. "Because they breed. You're facilitating the problem if you give an animal or a human ample food supply”. Its is unimaginable to think any intelligent person could see this as anything other than compating those on welfare to rotten breeding vermin. There was the expected outroar from the left. But, many on the right either took a pass, or defended him. Attorney General Henry McMaster said he hopes the Dems "will now stop their cynical effort to inflame passions and exploit the issue for political gain."This is like putting raw meat in front of a bear! Why would anyone NOT want to use this for political gain? He was outright comparing the poor to dumb breeding animals! The right absolutely exploded when Harry Reid made his remarks about Obama’s electability. Never seemed racist to me, and it was just admitting a political known that most people black/white/democrat/ republican would have a tough time refuting. Compared to what Bauer said, Read had called Obama a boogerhead. ! Of course Bauer defended himself. He was just remarking how ‘governement was a breeding ground for dependency…which amounts to nothing more than Socialism’. Uh, message to the guys on the far right – The dependency argument is an old tried and true formula. Most don’t actually disagree with some of the truths about that. But, after all this time, I don’t think we need a nut job like Bauer to compare the poor to stray rodents to get us to understand this.
To put the finishing touch on his sociopathic behavior, he says he regretted what he said , not because of the content or the incredible stupidity, or that he didn’t think those on welfare were vermin, but‘because now it was being used an analogy, not a metaphor’ .
Unfortunately, South carolinians are stuck with one  or the other or both. What's worse is that Bauer  has a rabid following who will forgive him anything. And the religious right just east up his message. He is a young bombastic right wing nut who may actually go far, and we should all be concerned because of this.


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