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The Bostin Teabaggers

September 23, 2009 - John Stack

No, I’m not talking about the baseball team from New England. I’m talking about the nutjobs that keep attending these ‘Tea Party’ rallies. This ‘group’ can’t even seem to even decide what it is they all are protesting. Oh yeah. They all agree the government has screwed everything up and they won’t take it anymore. But what is it they have screwed up, and whose fault is it? The people who show up are against many different things. Seat belts. Toll roads. Bike helmets. Secessionists. Birthers (see the link to the right).Now, there is nothing wrong with protesting. The US was born on protests, and holds the right to protest in very high regard (unless you said something bad about GWB when he was president and ‘we were at war). But people, are you saying anything new?

            Some are protesting the deficit. As if we had been running some sort of surplus for the last 30 years. Forgetting that W increased the debt billions during a time of relative prosperity (I guess McCain would also be running a surplus today if he had been elected).

            Others claim that Obama is going too far, and the fundamental relationship between the government and its citizens is changing too much for them. That there is a need to retake our government. Thing is, that has happened. Over the last few years, the Democratic party has been voted into state legislatures, federal office holders and now the presidency, and a veto proof congress. The citizens of the US wouldn’t take it anymore, and got rid of those they thought were at fault! Democracy worked perfect! Now these nuts think they will show up on the president’s lawn and tell him ‘we aren’t going to take it anymore!!’ What they would change is still a challenge.

            The GOP has hooked on to the Tea Bagger’s coat tails. Prominent Republicans like Dick Armey and John Boehner are linking up with these groups. Thing is, they are trying to co-opt the tea party activists and claim the whole movement is really based upon hatred for Obama and his policies. As if, in his 8 months in office, he has been responsible for a recession that started a year before he was elected. Obviously the Republicans want these rallies to go on and on, with the idea that they will cause Democrats to lose seats in the coming election cycles. But, many are being booed by the Tea Partiers such as Congressman Barrett of South Carolina. The moronical pit bull Michele Malkin actually took this a step farther than most. In reporting how Congressman Barrett was booed, people blew air horns as he tried to speak and turned their back on him (literally), Malkin whined ‘when will the MSM (main stream media) might grow up and report these newsworthy developments?!’. A congressman being booed and right wing nut jobs blowing air horns as he spoke is something MSM should be reporting ?  To what end? Is she trying to say, ‘If you want a serious discussion of the issues, going to the American people at rallies is the wrong thing to do because we’re crazy out there?!’



            Things is, George Bush at best could be called a social conservative. When it came to money, he expanded the government more than Clinton, and spent like drunken sailor (like he acted for the first 40 years of his life). Yeah, Obama is not a social conservative. And he is not doing things the way they have been done. Its about time. nfortunately for the Tea Party-Come-Latelies – the US citizenry has spoken. And the GOP lost.


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