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Random musings

August 14, 2009 - John Stack

I believe we need some type of national health care. How we get there may be about as hard as passing a kidney stone though. I have an aunt that had undiagnosed Lyme disease for over a year that would probably had been found out much sooner had she had insurance at the time (and she works in the medical field!). There is a disputed 65 million Americans without insurance. Their reasons are many. But,I would guess there would be many fewer if they could afford it. Locally, I have friends who run successful businesses. They pay in excess of $15,000 for their insurance – not including copays and such.


It was neat meeting Bruins great Ray Borque in Placid this week. Thing is, it was kind of like meeting Tony Soprano. I had a lot more fun meeting up with The Zambonis last year at the D3 hockey finals. They were a riot and their sons are great. Also, although still a lifelong Yankee fan, going to Fenway Park this year was great. Sitting in the sun in right field was amazing. Now that the real Yankee Stadium has been replaced with this… imposter, I have no desire to visit the new stadium. On the same topic, Shea was boring, and I don’t have plans to visit Citi Field any time soon.


I think Anne Coulter and Glenn Beck are the illegitimate sprouts of a wild fling Beelzebub had with Medusa, but with less class. I was unfortunately stuck listening to Glen Beck last week. He was again railing against Obama. He was whining about ‘the left’s claim that the GOP was feeding misinformation and creating a boogeyman”. He went on to mockingly say ‘yeah, things like ‘death panels’. Hmm. Yeah, those completely non-existent death panels that kooks like Beck keep talking about. Its amazing people tune into this fool even when they know he is spouting ridiculous lies and half truths. But, then again, when you are a group of bitter, disappointed, disenfranchised, powerless people with only themselves to blame, o ne can’t expect logic to prevail.


The town hall meetings are a farce. Its not a free speech thing. The right have no interest in debate or understanding. They just want to make national healthcare seem like there is less support for it than there is. And way too many people are too malleable and misinformed, it does have the chance of swaying the tide of public opinion. That is not to say there isn’t true anger and frustration. Its just that the outlet for that anger and frustration is not to scream at town halls. A funny anecdote is how many people are screaming about Socialism (without having a clue what socialism is, or why it would be bad) yet crying for the State not to touch Medicare (the biggest socialist program by far in the US today)


I don’t believe Sarah Palin has a real chance in politics ever. She may make a fortune giving speeches and on Fox. Her crazy rants about why she was leaving office, and her incoherent condemnation over Obama’s health plan cannot help her with anyone other than other like minded undereducated populists. Then again, I think you need about 40 votes to be elected senator in Alaska, so who knows.


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