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August 7, 2009 - John Stack
Ok, my last couple blogs have been off topic. Back onto what I do best, bahing conservatives…er.. I mean meaningful debate on political topics of the day. Yeah, meaningful dialogue. Something the GOP has decided is no longer needed in our society, or political discourse. I had figured the GOP had hit rock bottom when they gave up complete control of both houses and the presidency, and decided to just be obstructionists. But, when they thought they hit bottom, they just called for another shovel and kept digging. Currently, many Democratic senators and congressmen are giving ‘town hall’ meetings to get the word out about the president’t version of health care reform. ‘Town Hall’ style meeting are good ways for political leaders to meet with their constituents while congress is on break. Noremally, they are sparsely attended. But organizations like TeaPartyPatriots, ReccessRally and Let Freedom Ring as well as pseudo journalists like Michelle Malkin and Glen Beck are rallying groups to go to these town hall meetings. To hear about Health Care reform, right? Well actually, NO. They are there to shout down the speakers, ‘spontaneously’ stand up, shout and sit down and to be disruptive. One of the major tactics is to ‘not engage in meaningful discussion, but to disrupt and enrage’. These protesters, many of whom are actually bussed in and are ‘professional protesters’ have no intention of debating, or listening. Their goal is to make it seem like the backlash against the ObamaCare is extremely widespread and that a majority of Americans want nothing to do with it. This hearkens back to the ‘Brooks Brothers riot’ of 2000 in Miami, when ‘thousands of protesters descended upon Florida to demand the state accept the first vote and to stop the manual recount – whereas virtually all ‘protesters were actually paid republican operatives from Washington. Many on the right claim these are ‘grass roots’ organizations, even if many of the leaders are CEO’s of Health Care Organizations or, in the case of Dick Armey (FreedomWorks) the former Majority leader of the US House of Representatives. Luckily, there is a term for these faux grassroots organizations – astroturfers.

Many of the protesters obviously have no sense of irony. Time and again, anti—Obama protesters scream about their right to free speech – as they shout down the speakers and the opposition. Also, many continue to incredulously say they don’t want government touching their Medicare! Ha ha ha! Didn’t some of the protesters realize that Medicare is, um, run by the government? While many protesters are not locals, they are leading the local mobs. They are instructing them in how to ‘protest’. Many are mad, but they wouldn’t have come out and disrupt on their own.

Health care refore is complex business. How come it is that so many people now seem to be experts on this? I go to meetings and read about town board meetings where many people still don’t understand how it is their real property tax is determined. Many still believe a reassessment project is undertaken to raise taxes. These are topics I can easily explain to a crowd. But, somehow now all these protesters are that well informed on one of the most complex and sophisticated plans in history, which is strung out over 10 years, and still has yet to be written completely? I think otherwise.

The GOP can’t win their wars in the halls of congress, or in voters minds. They have to result to thuggery tactics. Cultish followers will claim that it is the people who are for reform are the culprits. That somehow these people showed up at a town hall meeting in favor of government run health care and were going to fight anyone who opposed them. Talk about reaching into the bag of unbelievable stories! Not the people who believe they would be negatively impacted by the legislation. They were the ones calm and quiet and just there for positive discourse. But the most disgusting tactics are the words coming out of the mouths of Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh (The true leaders of the American Conservative movement) who are likening Obama to Hitler.Hmmm. That never seems to work. Oh yeah. Back in 2004, an anonymous video was posted on comparing Bush to Hitler. the right SCREAMED. They denounced anyone comparing the president to Hitler. For some reason they are quiet now when Obama is being compared to Hitler. People are showing up at rallies with Swastikas, little kids holding Nazi signs, and it goes on. Still not much outrage on the right. I guess its easier to defend the American way and the president when its your party, than to show class and stand up for Obama and stand against the Great Limbaugh and Beck.


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