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Only liberals ever get sick

June 2, 2009 - John Stack

Health Care


The Obama administration is putting health care reform as a front burner topic for this year. The goal is to have some type of universal health care in place by the end of the year. What will this look like? No one knows, as the debate is going on right now in Washington. The one thing that has all ready been ruled out is the complete takeover of the health care system by the government. But this hasn’t stopped knee jerk Conservatives and those currently benefitting from the system from attacking anything that Obama will roll out.

            The leading opponent currently is Rick Scott, one of the backers of the ‘Swift Boat’ attack ads. He has also made his fortune in the health care business. This tells you where this parasite’s allegiances lie. He calls his group ‘Conservatives for Patients Rights’. Kind of makes you feel warm and fuzzy. Sort of when you hear ‘Compassionate Conservativism’. He has produced an infomercial-attack-documentary showing the horrors of government run health care systems. He claims he isn’t necessarily against any of Obama’s plans, but somehow still feels he should pay 5 million dollars of his own money to attack anything that comes of this and to warn us of British style national health service. The main point seems to be long lines, long waits to see specialists, couldn’t get drugs they needed, and some had to come to the US for treatment. Funny enough, we have long lines here in the US now, long waits for specialists, and some actually leave the US for Canada to get treatments (not to mention cheaper treatments and medicines).

            A friend of mine thwarted a purse snatching in NYC. He was standing by the side of the street when a guy grabbed a purse and ran right at him. My friend just hauled back and popped him, laying him out. ( a cop who came on the scene told him it was probably in his best interests to disappear). What did my friend get out of this? A broken hand, and an 18 hour wait in the ER. How would Obama’s plan change this? Half the people in ERs today (as my step brother – a surgeon will tell you) have no health insurance and are there rather than going to a doctor of their own.

            Byron York wrote a column this past week for the Washington Examiner. He lambasted Obama’s plan (without knowing the plan) as too caught up on costs. He referenced a ‘poll’ taken by conservative pollster Frank Luntz.. His whole point was that , given the choice between ‘spending less on health care, or being treated in a timely fashion’, being treated in a timely fashion won out almost unanimously. It seems like he forgot the answer to the question ‘given the choice between ‘waiting for healthcare and NO healthcare’ was almost unanimously ‘waiting for healthcare’. (No surprise - Byron York is the conservative nemesis in the Sunday Press)Back during W’s years, the conservatives loved the saying’ health care should be a decision made between the doctor and their patient’. This of course kind of ignored the fact that millions d DON’T have a doctor.

            The opponents of health care reform and universal health care ignore  anumber of the benefits of this type of plan. Under this type of plan, small companies will be able to afford to offer their employees health insurance, whereas often they would lose good employees to larger firms, based as much on the availability of health care. A relative of mine works for a small electronics firm. They are small enough that when they are hiring someone, depending on their age and other factors, the cost of health insurance to them can be anywhere from $12,000 to $50,000 a year. Can you blame them when they have to hire the younger less experienced guy? The aforementioned people clogging up the ERs will now be going to their own physicians, alleviating pressure in overcrowded ERs. The typical ER visit costing easily into the hundreds, if not thousands of dollars which many hospitals just end up eating the cost, this plan will cut these costs significantly.

            Obama’s health care plan may have a lot of problems. But, unfortunately the Party of No has decided to again prey upon people’s worst fears by trumping up some horror stories, rather than engage in meaningful dialogue. For people with health care, like myself, I won’t probably see any change at all to my medical care. The people who will see the most change are those that are currently without insurance, and those that rely on the inefficiencies of the current system.


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