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Confirm her!

May 27, 2009 - John Stack

Once again, political life is fun again. Sonia Sotomayor was chosen by Barack Obama as his choice to replace Justice David Souter. She is an extremely accomplished justice, and embodies the American dream - that you can grow up to be anything you want in America. She was born into poverty only to ascend to the highest levels of law. Why is this political fun then? The 'Party of No' has no idea what to do. Prior to the pick, there was a short list of those that were probable to get the selection. The POf N was  ready for an all out assault on each of the candidates. The P of N had called each and every judge he might pick a 'judicial activist' and not a true constitutional scholar. What exactly is an activist judge? For the P of N, it means anyone who has ever voted against a conservative idea. Even before the pick, the P of N was alienating moderate Republicans. If the party was going to just try and fillibuster and impede, regardless of the pick, how could they be trusted. No one could believe they were actually acting in the country's best interests, but their own party's best interest. I had actually hoped for some type of slightly controversial pick, just for the bluster. But the pick of Sotomayor is a real pickle for the P of N.

The Party of No is often referred to as the party of rich white men. They did make a ludicrous attempt at party diversification with the worst pick of my lifetime with intellectual lightweight Clarence Thomas. Then the joke of Harriet Myers, who couldn't make it as a village justice in Wasilla. The P of N is often claimed to call every black, Hispanic, woman and other 'political' minorities that get any recognition that it is a 'quota' pick. Now what do they do? Do they fight Sotomayor and risk the alienation of whe woen's vote? Or worse, do they risk alienating the Hispanic and by association, all current minorities? Hispanics make up the fastest growing ethnic group in America. With the P of N in electoral freefall, they can't afford to alienate any other voters.

On the other hand, the P of N doesn't want to be seen as soft. With the 'purity commission' , the rest of the P of N is brutally afraid of Rush, er, I mean the leaders of the Conservative party. They can't let in a 'liberal, minority, judicial advocate woman' like Sotomayor onto the bench without a fight. Only 7 Republican senators voted for her confirmation when she was confirmed for the Second Circuit.

It'll be a fun story to watch get played out. I think the P of N will get their most vile creatures, such as Mitch McConnell to put up a 'faithful opposition' to her choice. But in the end, she will be easily be confirmed, and there will be no fillibuster.


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