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Why did mother flee?

May 22, 2009 - John Stack

Last week, Brown County District Judge John Rodenberg issued an arrest warrant for Colleen Hauser and ruled her in contempt of court. Mrs Hauser had absconded with her cancer stricken son in defiance of a court order to get medical attention.

Daniel Hauser is a 13 year old with a learning disability and cannot read. He was recently diagnosed with Hodgkin Lymphoma, a very treatable form of cancer. The Hausers went to one chemotherapy appointment, then chose not to go again. After the first treatement, the tumor did shrink in size. But, after a few months, it had grown back larger. The family decided it would be best to heal their son with natural alternatives, such as herbal supplements, vitamins and ionized water. None of this worked, but the Hausers still refused medical treatment. The Hausers are Catholics, but their beliefs in natural healing is based on Nemenhah. Nemenhah refers to the Nemenhah Band and Native American Traditional Organization. They concentrate their efforts in ‘the healing of the Body Physical, the Body Familial, the Body Societal and the Whole Earth’. They work with natural healers, and try to heal without modern medicine. But, even the Principle Medicine Chief has asked that Ms Hauser to return home with her son, and that this is not the way of the Nemenhah. Violating a court order is not how they want to move their agenda. This case is not the typical religious tradition vs modern medicine. The Hausers are Catholics, and the Nemenhah aren’t really associated with the Catholic church. Minnesota does have laws that do force people to take life saving medical procedures, and natural healing does not exempt the family from this. The boy is learning disabled, and has told court and hospital he believes the medicine will kill him, and that he will kick and bite if they try to use Chemo on him. This sounds like parents who have really brainwashed not only a child, but one who really can’t decide on his own. The judge did say that he would only order the chemo if it has not progressed too far. If he was ‘beyond hope’ he would not order chemo. With chemo, doctors say he has a better than 90 percent chance of survival and only 5 percent if he doesn’t. I have a close friend who believes in the power of prayer, and thinks it can really help those with serious illnesses. But that doesn’t stop him from taking his family to the doctors to make sure they are healthy. I have another friend who won’t take any meds. He takes lots of supplements and such, but won’t take aspirin, or cold medicines and such. He believes his body has natural mechanisms that will help him. I of course badgered him about this, to the point he admitted he would accept life saving treatments if that’s what it took. I just hope this woman is convinced to bring her son home, and it is in time for him to save his life.


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