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May 6, 2009 - John Stack

Politics is as much a stage for funny actors as it is for those that are truly there to help out the country. Good ole Ronnie Reagan proved that an acting background was not a hindrance. But I’m more talking the inadvertent clowns. Yes, the Palins, the Burrisses, and the Blagejovichs. Burris, who was Hot Rod Blago’s choice to fill in Senator Obama’s seat, had one of the best scenes. Although knowing he would be turned away for legal problems, he showed up in Washington with a cadre of black rights activists in tow, announcing himself as the Junior Senator from Illinois. Did he have to vote on some important legislation? Was he a swing vote on the stimulus bill? No, just a bit of inane political theater. Since this, he has parsed and reparsed words, and changed his story and spun so much a Clinton speech writer would get dizzy!

Hot Rod is about the funniest, most surreal politician I have ever seen. Knowing he was under an FBI watch, still spoke in what are allegedly felonious statements on his cell phone and other gaffes. He ruined a good politician (Roland Burris) by appointing him to the Senate. Offering the senate position to him was like offering a lit blow torch to a pyromaniac, even knowing he was covered in Napalm. But, as if the episode couldn’t get more bizarre, HR tried to convince a federal judge he should be allowed to leave the country to film the reality show ‘I’m a celebrity – Get me out of here’. The judge, in unusually harsh terms, that ‘I don’t think the defendant fully understands and I don’t think he could understand…the position he finds himself in’. Blago also has an offer to work stateside for a brothel reality show as an apprentice to run a cathouse.

But as always, the Palin’s seem to be able to stretch their 15 minutes of fame any way possible. Now, the elder Palins have their teenage mother Bristol Palin as the spokesperson for Candie’s Foundation against teen pregnancy.  She was just on Today with Matt Lauer. It makes one wonder who she beat out for the position, one of the Spears girls? She went on TV all cooing over the baby, saying it was no mistake; it was a ‘blessing’. Exactly how is it that she is a good spokesperson? She got pregnant from a boy who is no longer with her. In fact, it seems like she is also a poster child for how NOT to treat the father of your child, as it seems like Levi, the father, will have to go to court in order to just get normal visitation. See, the Palins are all upset because Levi claims that the Palins must have known he was having sex with their daughter, as he was staying over at their house all the time. So, to rephrase, Sarah Palin can look out off her deck, see across the Bering Straits and check on the Russkies, but can’t figure out what those squeaky bed spring noises are coming from her daughter’s bedroom. Also, Bristol obviously is still staying at home, and her parents are paying for all of Bristol and her baby’s needs. How many single pregnant teens have the resources that Bristol has? But to watch her on the Today show, you’d think she was the spokesperson FOR teens getting pregnant!

Of course mom pro-lifer Sarah Palin inadvertently showed why the pro-life/pro-choice debate isn’t as black and white as the pro-lifers seem to claim. Sarah Palin, speaking to 3,000 anti-choice activists, told how she contemplated abortion after her unborn baby was diagnosed with Down’s syndrome. She spoke of the hard choice it was. How she could have had an abortion and no one would know. But, she did have the baby. Then again, she is married, with other children, and has no problems with money. How about another 18 year old poor single girl on her own? If the governor entertains real thoughts on aborting her fetus, what is this girl to do? What changes in Sarah Palin’s life? Very little. It’s tougher to bring up a Down’s syndrome baby, but as she can juggle running Alaska and 4 kids all ready, not such a big deal. The 18 year old living on her own with no medical insurance and a minimum wage job? Having this baby with special needs would be a tremendous hardship for her. But, rabid anti-choice activists don’t believe in abortion under any circumstances. They equate abortion to murder in no uncertain terms. So, Sarah Palin admitted she contemplating becoming a cold blooded murderer, no better than a hardened convict that killed people for whatever reason, all because it would be convenient for her. And that she would keep it hidden from everyone! Of course, the activists ate it all up and felt for her. She had just told them she contemplated being a secret slaughterer of innocents. Like her daughter, it didn’t seem to matter to the crowd, as long as a celebrity said it.   blago




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