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Things that make you go hmmmm

April 20, 2009 - John Stack

Gov Paterson’s poll numbers are now inching towards the ‘W’ line. While I think a lot of the criticism of him is completely unfounded, his handling of the budget sure shouldn’t have made an upswing in popularity. But, in the midst of this, he continues to actually tackle some tough rocks.

Last week, the Gov  announced his support for gay marriage in New York. As should be a shock to no one, some pols have claimed he is bringing this up now to deflect criticism over other problems in the state. Oh yeah. Just jump into the only issue more contentious than pro-life vs pro-choice to deflect? That’s politics my friends. But, I really don’t see the big deal. At least 4 of my 5 closest Conservative friends agree with gay marriage (I just don’t know the other’s position!) Take away the religious reasons against it (and there is no consensus there!) and I just don’t see it as a problem. Even with the supposed religious opposition, are we to outlaw eating meat on Good Friday also? I say it’s a personal choice. If you don’t want to marry someone your own sex, don’t then!

What will happen if we allow gays to marry? Well, localities will of course make more money on marriage licenses. Same sex couple will be able to have real weddings, and we will all go out and buy presents for them – therefore helping stimulate the economy. People will be more apt to stay in New York – Aren’t politicians always bemoaning people leaving New York? Aren’t they whining that New York is forcing people to move out? If we are same-sex friendly, at least these couples will probably think twice before they move to Vermont or Massachusetts. We can’t afford to let them leave!

There is also the only bright spot I have seen in a long time for the North Country representatives and the Republican party in New York. Janet Dupree came out in favor of gay marriage also. I have mocked Janet for her seeming sleepwalk during her time in the Assembly. But, being an upstate Republican and voting for gay marriage, I have to give her more respect than I had before. Good for her.

In a related story, Miss California claims she lost the Miss USA pageant because she expressed her view that she thought gay marriage was wrong. There is a lot of talk on both sides. But, the ones most vicious are those lambasting the judge who asked the question, Perez Hilton. They are saying she can't say what she thinks is right, that this is censorship, etc. She's all ready a celebrity for the 'right'. Thing is, SHE is the only one saying that's why she lost. How about the good old American ideal that if someone is better, its because they are better! She has to blame her loss of the liberal homosexual far left for her loss. She lost because she wasn't who the pageant thought was best. That's it. There aren't special rules for her.

Finally, why should gays be protected from marriage anyway?




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