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March 30, 2009 - John Stack

Its hard to believe it was Peter Crowley who wrote the Saturday editorial giving the paper’s endorsement to Jim Tedisco. Not because Tedisco was chosen, but because of the seeming complete lack of any journalistic integrity in the endorsement.

            First, why is this coming out on the Saturday right before the election? This gives no one the opportunity to even second guess the editorial in a letter to the editor. Any paper with integrity doesn’t close out all discussion basically right before voting. Tuesday is too late, as most of us will have voted long before we get the paper.

            The endorsement even starts out by chastising Murphy for his answer to the being called a pawn for the Democratic party or a player. Who cares!? Is this is a legit reason to vote against someone? By comparison, Tedisco is the MINORITY leader in the Assembly! Who then isn’t more of a pawn? As minority leader, its his job to get others in his party to act as pawns! In fact, Tedisco was chosen by party leaders without even interviewing other candidates. he's the definition of political pawn.

            The second slam is about hypocrisy in branding Tedisco a ‘career politician’, because Murphy would serve as long as he could. Well, fact is Tedisco IS a career politician, so its tough to really take offense there. But also, Tedisco has been part of the problem in this, the most dysfunctional state governing body in the US. (Any Democratic sitting Assemblyperson or Senator would also be fair game if they ran for Congress).

            The next thing against Murphy is his supposed lack of being able to really create jobs. For Mr Tedisco, for 20 some years, all he has done to keep his job is to continually complain about the Democrats. He doesn’t have to actually do anything or create anything. Murphy has worked as an investor his whole life. If he didn’t create jobs and create wealth, he would have been out of a job! But, he made millions by truly creating jobs, wealth and investments! The ‘editorial’ even goes on to say being a multimillionaire is a liability rather than an asset to ‘us’. ??? Someone who has made millions somewhere other than trading on bad mortgages should be held as a liability? Had he bankrupted a dozen companies like G W Bush, would that be a better asset?

            Later, it says Tedisco is for some type of a national health plan, and that with him in office, they may actually get it done. I guess the writer hasn’t checked recently. The GOP won’t get a major project like universal health care through the House any time soon. If this is to actually happen, ironically, Murphy (who the editorial admits is also for universal health care) who is a democrat, actual would have the political power to get something like this accomplished.

            The main reason the editorialist uses to say we should elect Tedisco is because: he’s a nice guy, easy to talk to , decent, hard working. Heck, that sounds like a whole lot of people I know. But I sure wouldn’t vote for them just for that reason.

            I’m sure Mr Crowley didn’t write the editorial. Like last year (when being a mega millionaire like McCain didn’t stop Ogden newspapers from endorsing him) I’m sure the actual Enterprise editorial board had no input to this endorsement. It was most likely the Conservative Republican owners hiding behind the paper like cowards. If you own a newspaper, at least have the courage to say who you are when you write something like this. They know that people reading this are more likely to believe it was Peter and his board, rather than some Republican operative, and that is low, underhanded, undemocratic and cowardly.


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