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Coveted Status

June 13, 2014 - John Stack
Washington Post conservative columnist George Will has come up with what he considers a new coveted status. Now, the word coveted means “sought-after, desirable, fashionable, or popular”. Now you are wondering, “what new status is he talking about?” Now some coveted statuses on campus might be a member of a fraternity or a sorority. A member of a sports team. Student Senate. Maybe member of the school band. But George has found the new coveted status, and it’s only for women - sexual assault victim. I’m not making this up. To quote the great wordsmith talking about sexual assault “When universities make victimhood a coveted status that confers privileges, victims proliferate”. He makes it certain he wasn’t misunderstood where his loyalties lie (here, literally “the old boys club”) when he said “Now the Obama administration is riding to the rescue of sexual assault victims”

Lets try to piece this one together. Here is what is at least thought to be a well-reasoned, conservative writer openly mocking the president for having the audacity to try to help sexual assault victims. Let that sink in. Mocking someone for helping victims of sexual assault. Mocking the whole idea that victims of rape should be helped at all. Mocking women for reporting rapes on campus. Blaming (later in his abominable article) alcohol for the supposed increase, or any of the “so called” rapes on campus. Not on lax university oversight. Not because men like him have denigrated women to the point where he makes it seem like there is no rape at all, it’s just a “cocktail of hormones and alcohol”. These women must have deserved it. They are most likely trying to gain a coveted status. A privileged status.

So, in this George Will-ian world, rapes don’t actually happen. Women aren’t sexually assaulted. It is a group of women who want to boast about their lowest possible moment on earth, their most degraded , horrifying moments, and use this to gain privilege. Will they even put it on their resume? “Experience – raped by frat member while passed out on couch.”. Other students will be looking up to them? A conversation ion the dining hall “Wow! See that girl? I hear someone put a Roofie in her drink and next thing she knew she woke up naked in some guys room – boy, that is a girl going places! I want to be her!!”

Sorry George, what privilege does one attain by reporting a sexual assault? Does it make someone more popular? And if dementedly this person became more “popular” is it the kind of popularity she would be proud of? Do you really think girls seek out this status? The status that a human being was assaulted by force or by inability to fight back is one hope for? What exactly would a college do to convey such status and privilege? I guess setting up an anonymous rape counseling center or hotline on campus would be considered a desirable privilege?

George, you use much bigger and much harder to use and define words than I do. You have a group of sycophants (see that? Big word!) who find you big words and proofread and research your every sentence.Try this one on. You are wrong. You are a misogynistic misanthrope. Women don’t want to be victims. No woman seeks out the status of sexual assault victim. I think it’s about time you gave up the quill and spent the rest of your days watching baseball, and staying away from the real world.


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