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Leave No Man Behind

June 5, 2014 - John Stack
The Ranger Creed 5th Stanza "Engergetically will I meet the enemies of my country. I shall defeat them on the field of battle for I am better trained and will fight with all my might. Surrender is not a Ranger word. I will never leave a fallen comrade to fall into the hands of the enemy. "

Leave no man behind is throughout our armed forces, as a badge of honor. Many a military medal has been won by following this creed. The creed does not say “Leave no man behind…unless we don’t like him…or a black president got him freed…or he may have been upset with the army. We leave NO AMERICAN BEHIND. The blatant political posturing of the right wing against Obama getting Bowe Bergdahl released is distgusting. Every American and especially every person in the service should turn their backs on the likes of John McCain and his ilk (like the poor excuse for a carbon based life form otherwise known as Sarah Palin). We got an American soldier back. But many in the Senate and Congress (yes, all are members of the GOP) believe we should have let the Taliban keep and torture him. An American. An American POW. We should have let him starve to death or be beaten and tortured until he died because it is politically expedient.

John McCain is a former POW. He was released when we negotiated with the enemy. He was held in the absolute worst of conditions. Beaten. Kept in solitary confinement in ways we cannot bear to imagine. But John McCain says we should have let the Taliban – a sworn enemy of the United States – keep him.

Of course this is because Obama is the one who got him freed. If john McCain was on the group that bartered this deal, he , like Frank Underwood, would have been at the front of the parade in his hometown when he returned to the US. In February, on Anderson Cooper, McCain was asked if he would support trading the 5 Guantanamo prisoners for bergdahl. His response “I would be inclined to support such a thing”. You can’t make this stuff up. If the GOP can’t get credit for something, we need to let AMERICANS DIE. Forget about the First Amendment – the right to free speech which the GOP is using as a reason to let him die at the hands of the Taliban – Bergdahl was unhappy and disillusioned with the war. Because he saw the war on terrorism for the noxious horrible sham that it was, putting American soldiers ves in danger, and killing hundreds of thousands of foreigners because of the war hawks need for death (and money). One of our absolute most sacred beliefs is the right to question our government – basically the very foundation of which our country was founded. And the GOP says we should let Americans die at the hands of our enemies for even considering disagreeing with American policy.

How about the 14th Amendment – that of due process? Many also say he should have been left with the Taliban because they believe he was a deserter. The GOP will fight for felons to shoot black kids or anyone they don’t like because they felt “threatened” (their manhood, their virility) by virtue of the 2nd amendment. But send a soldier to die at the hands of our enemies without a trial or any actual evidence? In worst case scenario, a deserter can be sentenced to death. But hat is OUR decision. After the defendant has gone through our court system it would be possible to sentence him to the most serious possible penalty. There has been ONE person executed for desertion in 75 years. In WW2 alone, over 20,000 men were convicted of desertion. ONE was executed ( aman neamed Slovik), and it was to make an example of him. Bergdahl was a willing recruit, (unlike Slovik). He came better prepared to Basic than most guys finishing Basic. He went to war for all the right reasons – to stop the killing and the atrocities that our enemies were inflicting upon those less powerful – unlike Slovik who never wanted to be there and was drafted and even told his commanders he was AFRAID to fight. But it doesn’t matter. The GOP says we should have left this man to die. Was the cost very high for this soldier? Yes. But this is literally war, not kickball at recess. Most politicians also knew this was most likely the best, and probably LAST opportunity to get him out alive. We traded 5 men who had been at Guantanamo for 12 years without charges, without court dates. When we left Afghanistan, we would have returned the prisoners home, as that is what we are legally obliged to do. The Taliban recognizes nothing other than Allah, and twists their means to be backed by their religion (sound familiar?). Bergdahl would die at the hands of the Taliban if we hadn’t got him out. There would have been no reason for the Taliban to either return him, or keep him alive. The best we could have hoped was to see a video of our American soldier being executed by firing squad as the last wound the Taliban could have inflicted on the US.

We may disagree on many items. Taxes. Drugs. Abortion. Redistricting. All in the political sphere. But to tell our US soldiers that we will leave them behind. That they are not worth us getting our hands dirty. Every commentator and pundit claiming this is unpatriotic - I am ashamed to be called an American in the same breath as you. You are the ones who should be tried for desertion, and treason.


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Jun-27-14 9:40 AM

It's cute how being a former member of the armed forces somehow gives you more internet "cred" on this topic.

I'm a member of the 101'st Keyboard Division out of NY. Even Chuck Norris is afraid of us.


Jun-12-14 12:43 PM

So the whole "innocent until proven guilty" thing goes out the window too? You people are fascists. This is just another made up scandal that is going to be boring for everyone but the crazy TEA party tard-publicans who are going to be "very" concerned about this for the next 6 months.

Just curious, how are these TOP guys the worst of the worst? Can you list the terrorism committed by them, and show us how much worse it was compared to other people at Gitmo? I have a feeling you are talking out your smell hole on that one.


Jun-06-14 9:10 PM

Esoxsavant, you hardly "get it," as you so quaintly put it. Bergdahl was, according to his platoon, a deserter. Yes, we wanted him back, if for no other reason than to determine how much blabbing he did to the enemy. But NOT by giving the enemy back five of their top guys. That is assinine, the height of folly. Obama made ANOTHER decision dextructive to the nation. And, no, I am NOT a republican, I have too much good sense and love for the country I served in uniform for most of a quarter century. Obviously, I could never make it as a democrat, either. It's apparent you never served a day in uniform or this column would never have seen the light of day. Find out what his status was with the Army. Was he carried as MIA or as a deserter or what? Go from there. And quit whining about folks who disagree with Obama being racist. That card has been played out and I will not accept it. Obama is a disgrace to the presidency because of his ACTIONS not his half blackness. D.C. Wright


Jun-06-14 9:07 PM

Esox Read carefully before commenting. I first said that I'm glad that he's home, now he has to answer charges. Leon Panetta said today that these five terrorists should not have been released. DOD officials also confirm that military brass recommended against this trade. You go back to drinking the Kool Aide, I'll make my judgments based upon the facts.


Jun-06-14 1:04 PM

So, standup4TL, the whole "never leave a man behind" and "gone but not forgotten" thing only applies to the good kinds of POWs, and only then under circumstances that meet your approval.

Thanks, I guess I got it.


Jun-06-14 12:24 PM

If you had served in uniform you'd understand the term. Just continue to lash out irrationally. It fits the title of your blog.


Jun-06-14 8:52 AM

Standup4TL, where have you been the past 5 years? The TeaParty get's all frothy EVERY time Obama does/doesn't/is thinking about something. The way I see this is R's are simply wishing to move past being the party that didn't/couldn't/wouldn't get Bin Laden to become the party that leaves POWs behind. Four months ago, McCain (and others) were all for a prisoner swap. Now that The Big "O" went through with it, they claim it's a big mistake. Are these people loony or what?

Just like Obamacare, the GOP loves all of the parts of it (it is their ideas, after all) - yet they hate it anyway, because Obama did it.

If Berghdal has allegations against him, JAG will sort them out in short order and he'll be punished accordingly. If it comes out that he walked off AND aided the enemy, I would still wish him be in our legal system than the Taliban's.

Your talk of "comrades" and "treason" reeks of Cold War. Stalin would be proud of you.


Jun-05-14 7:50 PM

I'm a conservative who has agreed with you from time to time but you are way off base here. Your assertion that anyone who disagrees with the president does so because he is black and that the GOP supports felons that shoot black youth is beyond comprehension. You need to take some time off. I'm retired Army. It was we'll know at the time of his disappearance Bergdahl had left his post by his own free will. I'm glad that he is home but there are many unanswered questions. Soldiers volunteer to fight our nations wars. We don't get to pick and choose. Deserting comrades in arms on the battlefield is only surpassed by treason. He needs to face these charges. Why we had to give up five of the worst terrorists is beyond me. The US got a raw deal. Choose your words carefully because you will be eating many of them as the facts come out.


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