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No one there for us

June 21, 2013 - John Stack
My brother Bill and I don’t agree on everything politically. But, his mantra is ‘throw them ALL out”. I really find it more and more difficult to disagree with him. At the highest levels, what politician is actually doing the people’s work? It’s no longer being pessimistic or just contrarian to say they are I it for themselves, for the money, and to get reelected. If they happen to pass useful legislation, it’s more of a mistake than an actual true service. Let’s start with Bobby Jindal. He’s the term limited governor of Louisiana. After last year’s elections, he came out and tried to be a voice of reason. He said the GOP was too rigid, too isolated, and needed to change the way they were doing business or risk being relegated to Democratic majorities in the future. Yeah. That feeling lasted a long time. Now, I have no problem with bashing the leaders of political parties. They took those positions knowing they were targets and expecting people to not always like them, believe them, or vote for them. But, when the governor of your state describes ‘lefties’ as wanting “The government to explode; to pay everyone; to hire everyone; they believe that money grows on trees; the earth is flat; pornography is fine; traditional marriage is discriminatory; moral standards are passé; the IRS should violate our constitutional rights;” He goes on and on. So, he thinks approximately half of his state is a bunch of morons? He knows how they all think, and that their thinking is completely illogical? He claims anyone left of a right wing conservative is either a criminal, condones illegal activity and thinks the constitution should be burned? How is it he is representing the people of Louisiana? By mocking at least half his constituents? He obviously only cares about making points with the powers that be in the Tea Party/right wing conservative area.

Darrell Issa. A sad excuse for a congressman. He heads the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee that has recently been investigating the IRS. Before they even looked at any evidence, Issa claimed the White House was behind the ‘targeting’ of Tea Party groups for more scrutiny. As more information came out debunking this, Issa refused to release anything but transcripts that might tangentially make the president look bad. Other members – even GOP members – kept saying he had to release more transcripts. Of course Issa kept balking, he having the need to keepo this ‘scandal’ in the news as long as possible. Finally, Democratic member Elijah Cummings released the transcripts and we see why Issa kept releasing only partial transcripts. Turns out the main progenitor of the ‘scandal’ was a self professed conservative Republican who personally thought these groups needed further review. Issa knew this for weeks, but being the bully he is, kept obfuscating the truth. Not that this is anything new, as the whole Sandra Fluke debacle showed us that committee meetings aren’t to flesh out laws or ideas, but to put on a circus for whoever is in political control to control the release of information and bend public opinion to your determined outcome.

And no, its not just the evil doers from the right. I wrote extensively on the embarrassing episodes of 2009 with Pedro Espada and his ‘ gang of three thugs’ hijacking the political process. He first got the GOP in the Senate to give him presidency of the senate, then double cross backed to the Democrats who gave him the senate majority leader title. At no point did any of this help out the citizens of New York State. A completely undeserving hack was able to wrest control of the Senate for his own political power grab. Luckily, he ended up in jail for 5 years last week, with the federal judge saying ““There’s no question that Mr. Espada’s sense of entitlement and arrogance grew over the years’. I would say that probably describes most politicians. How many do you hear that become less arrogant or less entitled? You may have missed it, but Director of Emergency Management Steven Kuhr was fired after it became known that during superstorm Sandy, he had county employees come to his house to remove a tree fallen on his driveway. Didn’t matter than 100’s of thousands of people were freezing and without power, his driveway needed taxpayer funded relief.

Then there is the dark prince himself. Earlier this year DOT engineer Mike Fayette was forced to retire for basically talking to the press without permission, (although it was basically part of his JOB). This happens, but that’s not even the bad part. Cuomo’s hatchet man, Howard Glaser released disciplinary actions about an unrelated issue 2 years before. He went over it line by line. This is what is called a “chilling effect” where (Wikipedia defines as) “speech or conduct is suppressed by fear of penalization at the interests of an individual or group”. Mike will be OK. The bigger issue is that any speech (meaning any type of talking/writing/speaking) by a public employee of NYS is fair game for the GOVERNOR to open up and release all disciplinary files or any dirt they can find to silence you. That is not about making our state better. It is about building your power. Welcome back to Tammany Hall…


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Jul-03-13 8:26 AM

The beat evidence any "revolution" will be brutally suppressed is the way our government treats "whistleblowers". It's a clear case of the witnesses to a crime being punished while the criminals walk. And yes Obama is even worse than Bush on this.

Jun-26-13 9:08 PM

A population suppressed is us. Revolution is the only way out. Can we accomplish this w/out war and blood shed? Only with cooperation from the our current Government!!!


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