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You reap what you sow

March 23, 2009 - John Stack

The Republicans at both the federal and state level are whining that they are being left out of high level discussions on the budget and important bills. At the federal level, they are droning on about how awful the stimulus bill is and how they are not getting any place at the table. In NY, the minority Republicans are crying because they are being left out of budget negotiations. Know what GOP? You had your shot, and you blew it. Step out of the way.

At the federal level, of course for 6 years in the Bush administration, the GOP controlled the presidency and both houses. While not holding veto proof majorities, they shoved whatever it was president Bush and the Neo-cons had to offer down the Democrats and the taxpayers throats. (I also blame the Democrats because they were too cowardly to oppose Bush more often). Did the GOP really let the Democrats really have a strong say in any big ticket bills? No, they didn’t. As Bush put it upon his fear-monger driven re-election ‘I have a lot of political capital, and I plan on spending it’. I don’t remember John Boehner standing up and saying ‘Wait, I think we need to implement some of Nancy Pelosi’s ideas into this legislation’. No, this is politics. Its hardball at its highest level.

In NY, both sides are really to blame for the current situation. For way too long, its been 3 men in a room hammering out a budget. While many ‘better government’ groups pleaded for more transparency, the leaders just went on with what they had been doing all along. No systemic change whatsoever happened on Pataki’s watch. This has just continued. But now something has happened that the GOP hadn’t foreseen. Now, they don’t have one (or 2) of the 3 men in a room. They have none. Now, they are crying foul. Over what? Doing things exactly how both parties have been doing business for decades? When the GOP had 2 of the 3 in the room, they weren’t exactly asking the minority leaders in each house to come in and help draft the budget. The only reason the Republicans are complaining is because now they aren’t able to be one of the three. How many out there truly believe in their heart if the Assembly and Senate and Governor were Republicans, it would be any different? (sound of crickets chirping)

I have often wrote about how the new Obama administration has changed the way business is being done. I still think that’s true, but I don’t think the GOP knows how to play any other way than they always have. Right now, the GOP is nearly impotent. As they are not even pretending to be part of the solution, they are putting all their eggs into one basket :that Obama’s plans fail. Or, in NY, that anything that Paterson does fails. Even our 2 local representatives, Betty Little and Teresa Seyward are in on it. I had always liked and respected both women. They had never seemed like demagogues. Maye it was because there was a sharing of power, with Dems in the Assembly, and the GOP in the Senate. Now, to watch or read anything about these 2, they seem to spend most of their time bashing Paterson and the Democrats. As they are taking their cues from the National GOP as well as the State, the plan is obstruct, complain and attack. No part of the plan is ‘try to help NY or America’.

The NY and Federal GOP parties have got to get their act together. The only way they’ll get a seat at the table is to try to get something constructive done. Obama and Paterson isn’t going to invite people into the room if all they are going to do is tell them how wrong they are, and how much thy won’t help. I think the GOP is setting itself up for a monstrous fall and they’ll only have themselves to blame.(Maybe its time to get Palin to come in and rescue the party?)


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