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You get what you deserve

January 18, 2013 - John Stack
Lets start with a “joke”. Knock knock. Who’s there? The NRA. The NRA who? More guns. Unfortunately, truth can be more fun than fiction. For 20 years, the only answer for gun right activists and the NRA to any violence or gun shooting has been to demand more guns, not less. They have fought tooth and nail against any gun control bills, regardless the content. Background checks? It’s just making it harder for law abiding citizens to have guns! Any limit on magazine capacity. Denied! Many many common sense gun control initiatives have been stubbornly fought against. In the name of what? Many reasons. Constitutional rights, safety, criminalizing legal behavior, and the monster red herring ‘the chink chink chink of eroding gun owners rights until all guns are confiscated. I’m not even going to argue the pros and cons of any of these. I am going to say You had it coming. My brother is a gun rights advocate. Very bright. Great father, brother and husband. When Cuomo passed the NYS gun legislation, my brother was up in arms. And ya know what? I agreed with a lot of his arguments. Going from a max of 10 to a max of 7 for a shell magazine? A feel good measure that won’t make probably any difference at all. Background checks on ammunition? Overreaching. The first responder portion? A political ploy that will save no one and appeals to our sense of vengenance (and puts first responders live more important than others?). Our representative up here mostly said that the bill had a lot of good in it, but also a lot of things they couldn’t get behind. Understandable. But, the law passed OVERWHELMINGLY. Democrats AND republicans. At this time in history, it was hard for many of the politicians to fall back on old excuses, or even long held beliefs, with 20 dead children still on everyone’s mind. I say – You got what you deserved.

Lets try a very topical story. Lets say 3 years ago, Lance Armstrong turns down a 5 million dollar deal with Wheaties. Says the only solution is more money (more guns). Now, Lance just admitted to doping. Has lost all his sponsors and friends. He shows up at general Mills headquarters: “Hey, Wheaties! I’ll take the $5 million contract now!” Three years ago, if NY proposed some common sense gun legislation, such as more background checks, more permitting, more mental health funds, and the NRA said ‘Yeah, makes sense. Lets do this” – we wouldn’t be where we are today. We could have rightfully said ‘yes, we are working on the gun violence problem. We are working on the root causes of the problem. We are way ahead of the curve on this one and don’t need more restrictions, and the NRA has been our partner in this”. Now though, every gun control advocate had their wishes all come through. More got pushed through in this legislation that I ever thought politically possible. This is what stubbornness and ‘zero tolerance” get you. You get ridiculed, you get exposed for beiong completely out of touch, and you lose all credibility.

Guess how many NRA spokesman it takes to screw in a lightbulb? Answer: More guns. Now, that joke isn’t so funny any more is it gun rights guys?


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