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Jimmy the pol

February 25, 2009 - John Stack

I know that even the people we put into office that we truly admire, we still know they are politicians. They will exaggerate their accomplishments, and minimize their shortcomings. They will also often be for or against some proposal for seemingly no reason at all, except politics. This is what we get with items such as the stimulus bill. Does virtually EVERY Republican not support the bill? Does every Democrat actually support the bill?

But, Jim Tedisco he’s a POLITICIAN. How else do you describe being in the assembly for 25 years, always in the minority party? How many important bills have you heard of that were championed and passed over the last 25 years in the Assembly by Republicans? How many bills passed the state Senate during that time that was sponsored and finished by a Democrat? Reading his website is almost enough to make one giggle uncontrollably. His list of accomplishments reads like ‘created’ ‘authorized’ ‘established’ and ‘passed’. What exactly do these things mean? He was not the sponsor of nearly any item on his whole campaign website. he happened to vote for something when it came across his desk. And, if something passed the assembly, it sure had to have a majority of Democratic support. So, is he taking credit for voting with the Bemocrats in the Assembly?

A couple of his ‘accomplishments’ are for most people, actually failures. He trumpets his support for the creation of the STAR program. On thing the STAR program has done is give school districts cover to raise their tax levy without burdening the taxpayers via their tax rates. But, and perceived tax decrease for all but the lowest valued homes evaporated almost a decade ago. Jimmy also trumpets the ‘STAR rebate’ – a pure political PORK gimmick handed out to taxpayers just before elections (I’d hide under a rock rather than trumpet that).

The biggest political prevarication though is his claim he doesn’t know how . or won’t say how, he would have voted on the Federal stimulus plan. Let me break the suspense for you – He would have voted AGAINST the plan! NO House Republicans voted for the plan, and only 3 GOP members voted for it in the Senate. Now, Jim knows where his bread is buttered. He’s a minority leader, and other than being the ‘loyal opposition’ and being a hindrance to the majority, he twists arms to get the members to vote the party line. The chances of him voting for the stimulus package are about as good as Rush Limbaugh throwing Al Franken a birthday party.

He’ll probably win the 20th (hey, where is the Hillary haters and the shouts of carpetbagging?). But, the District and the state will suffer. He’ll go from minority leader in the State Assembly, to minority paean in the house. What on Earth will he get done or passed for New York or the 20th district? He’ll just become another obstructionist member of the House who will get nothing done. Well, I’m sure he will trot out some 90 year old war widow who he made sure the local assessor gave her a veteran’s exemption. But, that isn’t exactly what is good for the 20th, NY or the country.


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