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Its no Fluke

March 16, 2012 - John Stack
This whole uproar about Sandra Fluke, contraception , Rush Limbaugh and the like has really shone a bright light on many really bad things with today’s political, cultural and legislative environment. Each group seems to really be acting like a bunch of whiny undisciplined children. What do unruly undisciplined kids do when told something they don’t like? They whine, blame, lie, deflect, make up wild conspiracy stories. Sound familiar? Somehow, some writers have created a system of claiming that somehow the Obama administration orchestrated this whole Sandra Fluke controversy. Great for the marginalized groups that still believe the moon landing was really done in a hangar in Southern California, but unfortunately is gaining traction with otherwise logical people. Lets see a Georgetown law student attempts to give testimony at a Congressional committee that most people have never heard of, probably never would hear of, and actually makes no difference to the national debate. Then, chairman Dan Issa decided that rather than actually hold a meeting where actual information might be gleaned, and one that might show that there was actually SOMEONE on the Hill who actually cared about at least the appearance of a valid hearing, he would only have people who back up his all ready made up mind. He said Sandra Fluke couldn’t appear. His reasons are still hazy, but they are numerous and all shameless lies. The real reason is that he did it because he could. And, that the Democrats do it too. That’s true. The Democrats do It to. Guess what? Its wrong when the Democrats do it also! I had naively assumed that these hearings had people who would divvy up the witnesses between the two parties. They are not. The committees are almost all close in composition, but that one political party has the tie breaking extra vote, and the chair is of the ranking party, and he/she makes the rules. This act didn’t make me upset with the GOP. It made me nauseous about the whole political charade of committee meetings.

Dan Issa just got the ball rolling, relying on tried and true non-productive committee meetings that are designed to look like work is being done, but are really mouthpieces for the party in charge. When I heard of this maneuver, I really wasn’t as upset about Sandra Fluke being shut out. I was upset about the abomination of the system. Nancy Pelosi of course jumped on this to try for political gain. It’s every politicians job nowadays to jump on any opportunity possible to push their agenda. And not to just make their point, but to make the other side look bad at the same time. Again, this was seen as political theater, and should have stopped there. But, it didn’t. The biggest , loudest, most influential conservative voice in the nation had to pipe in with his thoughts. Now, Rush could have taken the high road, and blasted Sarah Fluke’s position, rather than using his bully pulpit of millions of listeners (as well as dozens of cowering congressmen and senators) to attack a private citizen (OK – Rush couldn’t have done that. He has no capacity for empathy or logic or taking the high road – I was speaking theoretically). Then he used the most vile, vulgar offensive language and comparisons imaginable to demean this woman. He has a right ostensibly to free speech (although I don’t know all about libel and slander laws) and its how he makes his money. The politicians had the opportunity to condemn him. Instead, we got ‘his words were maybe inappropriate’ or even complete silence. The only human response should have been ‘I completely disagree with Rush. His comments were completely inappropriate, wrong, mean spirited and I in no way could defend such a position’. Many say that ‘well, the Democrats say bad things too’. But, there actually is NO possible comparison. There is no one in the Democratic side who holds such command, such media attention, such power as a media personality as Rush. No one is even close. But, if there were a liberal Rush,and this person inexplicably attacked a private citizen in any manner close to what Rush did, I would be first in line to condemn that person. If its wrong, ITS WRONG!

It comes down to really a chicken or the egg question. Is the hateful vitriol that encompasses politics and the political discourse of today caused by the slash and burn ideological diatribes from the slanted media or is that a reflection of the take no prisoners political partisanship in politics today? Had Dan Issa allowed Sandra Fluke to testify, no one would have any idea who she was. Rush would still be just a loud mouthed talking head. The GOP wouldn’t have taken such a huge hit in the public perception. All because of the political climate today is about what CAN I do, rather than what SHOULD I do, regardless if the answer is to their detriment.


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