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The GOP’s War on Women

February 29, 2012 - John Stack
Recently, a friend posted a picture on Facebook. It showed a woman’s hand putting a baaloot in a box marked GOP and another box with a chicken with a ballot putting it into a box named ‘Colonel Sanders’ . The point being a woman voting Republican is like a chicken voting for Colonel Sanders. I’m starting to think the same way.

Let’s start with Georgia legislator Bobby Franklin (R- Marietta). He wants to change the legal term for victims of rape, stalking and domestic violence to ‘accusers’. No longer are they victims, they are just people making ‘accusations’. Maybe she was held down with a knife to her throat while an intruder in her home raped her. Nope. She should be defined as ‘an accuser’ – not a victim. Now, if ya go to the police station to saw someone stole your lawn mower? You are a VICTIM of a robbery! You are no ‘accuser’ . Husband beats you up and you come to station bloodied and battered – You are just an accuser. Kids have their stereo too loud next door? You are a VICTIM. How can this logically be construed as anything other than an attack on women who are VICTIMS of rape, stalking or domestic violence?

Who’s life is more important? The mother or an unborn child? Well, good ole boy Joe Pitts (R-Pa) wants bill HR 358 to pass that would allow hospitals who don’t want to do abortions to refuse medical care to a woman where only an abortion would save her life. A woman comes into a hospital – the only one around for hours – hemorrhaging terribly on the brink of death. Only solution? Abort the fetus. Whoops! That hospital doesn’t want to do an abortion. Doesn’t matter if the woman is only in her 6th week of pregnancy. That hospital can deny her care and let her die and Congressman Pitts thinks this is the morally right decision.

How about County Commissioner s C. Paul Smith and Kirby Delauter (Republicans, but that seems redundant now). They cut funding for Head Start in their county. Why? Women should be staying home, taking care of the kids, teaching them at home. As Delauter said ‘I never relied on anyone else to guarantee the education of my kids’. Hmmm. He points out his wife was college educated and stayed home with the kids while he worked. I’m wondering if he actually understands what Head Start is. Its so POOR PEOPLE can work and survive and don’t have to worry about the added burden of daycare. I guess they expect the great fairy of goodness to magically pay for them to stay at home without a job. If you are a very young couple with kids, and maybe a high school diploma, I guess one working for $7.35 and hour is usually enough to cover food, shelter, clothing, transportation, etc. And being probably underprivileged and under educated (unlike Delauter’s wife) what is the expectation that this person is going to be able to better prepare her young children for school at home rather than a professional Head Start center? I guess if the plan is to make sure that the poor always start out with a disadvantage right off the bat, they won’t understand how the GOP is discriminating against women and vote for Colonel Sanders. I mean a Republican.

Finally, the great State of Virginia takes the cake. Last week, Gov McConnell sent a bill back to the legislature because he lied claimed he didn’t realize the mandatory ultrasound bill also mandated state sponsored rape intravaginal ultrasounds 24 hours before a woman could get an abortion. But, he was still for forcing women to get an ultrasound before they get an abortion, even if the ultrasound is completely ineffective that early. MCConnell claims that forcing women to have an unneeded unwanted extra expense more government meddling humiliating procedure ‘protects the dignity of women’ . I guess I can see his point. We all know what the typical abortion queen is like. Goes out, parties. Sleeps with a number of men. She’s out with her BFFs on a Friday afternoon and they pass an abortion clinic. She tells her friend ‘ Hey Tiff! Stop here! I gotta run in for an abortion. I found out I was pregnant last week and just realized I can run in and out and get an abortion. I’ll meet you at Starbucks in an hour’. Luckily, Gov McConnell is there to protect this woman. Like most women, she hasn’t given this abortion another thought since she found out she was pregnant. She didn’t agonize over her decision with her spouse, her family. She didn’t break down wondering what religious affect this would have on her. What women do? She spent more time agonizing with her friend Mercedes on what nail color to get after her manicure. Good thing Bob McConnell and the Virginia GOP are there to teach these women. Heck, they obviously can’t make the decision themselves, might as well give them an expensive, useless procedure to help them understand they never should have tried to go to work or vote in the first place…


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