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Obama is the man

February 9, 2009 - John Stack
I was prepared to lay into President Obama last week. Tom Daschle was on his way to being confirmed by the Senate, with Obama’s blessing. With Obama’s pledge to do things differently in Washington, this sure made him look awful hypocritical. But then something amazing happened that hadn’t happened in the prior 8 years. The president stood up like a man and admitted he made a mistake! Bush famously couldn’t recall any mistakes he had made in his presidency in an interview he did a few years back. He gave some mealy mouthed have admittances to things he shouldn’t have done, like ‘Mission Accomplished’ and he was sorry we never found WMDs in Iraq. To tell ya the truth, I am pretty glad we DIDN’T find any we found no WMD. I remember when we were about to invade Iraq and my son was terrified that our troops would be gassed or some horrible weapon would kill them. I don’t NEED justification for the war. I want Americans to be safe. Anyway, to never admit mistakes is not a manly attribute, even if it looked ‘cowboy tough’ heck my 11 year olds would have a hard time they drank the rest of the milk under rendition methods used in secret prisons throughout Europe, so I can’t give this one to W.
But, did Bush make any mistakes? Lets take a look. How about the Valerie Plame affair? Plame’s husband was the person responsible for refuting the administration’s claims of refined uranium being sought by Iraq. The Bushies spent considerable time and expense (and lies) to discredit him. Even Bush administration officials were complicit in revealing Plame’s identity to a journalist, as well as Scooter Libby LYING under oath to a grand jury, which Bush subsequently commuted. Hmm. I gotta go with MISTAKE on this one. Waterboarding and torture. Lets just go straight to MISTAKE. How about AG Gonzales? Firing US Attorneys because they weren’t political enough? OK. MISTAKE. The continued support of Donald ‘you go to war with the Army you have, not the one you wish you had’ Rumsfield? The not equipping our fighting men and women with the needed gear leading to many unjustifiably die or be injured or maimed. I’m leaning on…MISTAKE. His claim to be a conservative? Well, he kowtowed to the religious right. He cut taxes with abandon. But what about the smaller government and less spending? Well, he ran up a $5 trillion dollar deficit himself while in office, while doing little to control government growth or spending .. Ok MISTAKE. Katrina and ‘Yer doing a good job, Brownie’ – too easy . MISTAKE. In late 2002, Bush’s chief economic adviser publicly estimated the Iraq War at $100 to $200 billion. Bush rebuked him then , going instead with OMB director Mitch Daniel’s $50-$60 billion dollar cost. I can say he was off on that one. MISTAKE. I guess if Mr Bush is asked this question again, he could start here.
It’s been less than 3 weeks since Obama has been president. All ready, he has shown he has more interest in doing what is right for the US, than to protect his own ego. Obama and the Democrats are furiously working both sides of the aisle to get a stimulus package done. The plan is to avoid a filibuster. I not so secretly would like the GOP to try a stunt like a filibuster, as it would surely backfire as Americans would roast the GOP for doing nothing but obstructing.
In the movie Apollo 13, Ed Harris, playing Flight Director Gene Kranz, replies to the NASA director who had said ‘This could be the worst disaster NASA has ever faced’ and says ‘With all due respect sir, I believe this is gonna be our finest hour’. I think this is how this one plays out. Its not a disaster for Obama, but confirmation of the morals and accountability that Obama has promised.


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