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It's not business as usual people!

January 26, 2009 - John Stack

I guess everyone hasn’t got the memo. Things are not as they have always been. Pointless populism and ideological adherence isn’t what is going to get matters done these days. At the top, Obama is forging a moderate center left position, infuriating the far left, but drawing in allies that were heretofore enemies. At the state level, Paterson is beholden to no one except the citizens of New York and is forging a path not seen in .. decades? Forever? The choice of Gillibrand has exposed many Democrats and Democrat supporters as the power hungry political animals that they are, who don’t seem to believe hard work, competence and ability to make a real difference is what they should strive for.

            As a small potato, The National Organization for Women expressed their disappointment that their pick, Carolyn Maloney, a liberal from Manhattan/Queens wasn’t picked. They did say they were glad the governor picked a woman though. Wow NOW! What an endorsement! Why doesn’t NOW endorse upstate strong women who aren’t liberal in all of their positions? Maybe it should be NOWL – National Organization for Women Liberals. With friends like these, Gillibrand doesn’t need enemies!


            How about Republican US Rep  Peter King? Trying to make political hay over the Gillibrand choice. He wants an investigation into how Paterson chose Gillibrand (if Paterson won’t reveal it himself). Who CARES! King is trying to play the ‘ something is fishy here- something must be wrong – I’m only here to help as a public servant’. What he means is he’s trying to HELP a public servant – HIMSELF! He wants to get hold of everything anyone sent to the governor, including all their responses to the questionnaires. Now, are we to believe he wouldn’t want to use any or all the information he could – in a possible upcoming Senate bid of his own in 2010? If Paterson thought Gillibrand was the best candidate because she had the best smelling perfume, so be it! I’m sure none of the documents say ‘If I get the Senate seat , I’ll set your wife up with a no show $500,000 job’. No matter what is in the record, Paterson made a choice based on a gut feeling. And you can’t subpoena that.


            Rep Carolyn McCarthy (D-NY) also says she will mount a challenge herself against Gillibrand, or find someone who can. Why? Because Gillibrand isn’t qualified? Because she isn’t liberal enough? Because she has serious skeletons in her closet? No, she wants to unseat her because of only her position on gun control. Yeah, running on that one sided topic will win you all of upstate!


            Finally, assistant professor of Poli-sci at UDenver, Seth Maskey seems to think the Gillibrand pick was ‘pretty odd’. He goes on to say ‘Gillibrand seems fine for her district, but this is a state where liberals can actually win statewide’. What an obnoxious statement! Understandably, Paterson would pick a Democrat to fill Clinton’s position. But why would he feel the need to fill it with a Liberal? Do we need more divisive politics in NY? In the US Senate? Do we need more people who can’t reach across the aisle , or do we need people who can see what is in the country’s best interest, and also vote with their own conscience (no to bailout) and morals (yes to 2nd amendment) and not one dictated by party bosses?


No, Gillibrand was picked because she was the best candidate for the job. Period. Not because of firebrand ideology or ‘name recognition’ or ‘time in position’. Pure talent and competence. What a concept, eh?


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