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Lunatic fringe- I know you are out there

November 5, 2011 - John Stack

Talk about not being ready for Prime Time. How Deer-in-the-headlights look can Herman Cain actually get? This week shows why running for president should be left to the grownups. First, Cain claimed he never was subject of a sexual harassment suit. He even went on Fox and blabbered with his buddies on how these are all made up, never happened. His sycophants of course came to his rescue claiming it was the insidious left. Of course, the next day, Cain admits there was a suit. But no charges. Was there any settlement? No he says. He knows nothing about any settlement…Except later he goes on to say, well yes, there WAS a settlement. 2 of them in fact. $35,000 and $45,000 reportedly. They were allegations, and settlements regarding HIM! And he had no idea of the settlement itself? Of course now, rather than explain his obvious ….prevarication he’s on the offensive. First stop is always the race card, especially for a conservative black. Of course he is being blamed for sexual harassment because he’s black. (PS- news flash Judge Thomas did sexually harass Anita Hill). Never would they do that to a white politician. Well, except maybe Bill Clinton. But…. Now, if people didn’t think Cain was loopy , paranoid and delusional? Well let me tell ya. What do you think his explanation over who is behind the stories? (you know, the stories that aren’t true, but then are true, but he can’t remember?). This is a good one. Clinton former chief of staff – and current mayor of Chicago Rahm Emmanuel….but that’s not enough! Rahm is in cahoots with none other than drunk nightclub act (see link) Rick Perry! Ok, Perry is crazy and vengeful and is running against Cain. I can’t really even dredge up a reason Rahm Emanuel would be involved in anything involving Rick Perry, but to what end would it help Emanuel? Like I said, he is also delusional. He actually thinks anyone, especially the White House, actually views him as an actual threat. Sorry herm. Back to the little kids table while the grown ups sit at the big table called presidential politics.

When Conservative and lunatic are in the same sentence (Ok other than being redundant) what other names pop up? What, you say? Coulter ? Buchanan? Ding Ding Ding! (Or is it Ding-bat?) Of course, Ann needs to get back in the news. Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin are stealing her ignorant hate filled pointless and factless sputum from the conservative women’s corps – and they are not even as tall, blonde or as pretty as her! Of course. Why are these allegations coming out? Liberals HATE conservative black men. They FEAR conservative black men. As she says – just ask Alan ‘Obama supporters are a threat to the gene pool’ West (yeah the same Alan West , who as a first term congressman was discharged from the Army for abusing Iraqis) , Michael Steele (or, as most people know him as the worst GOP national chairman ever after that bone thrown to the blacks by the GOP) or (of course the aforementioned morality-free USSCJ) Clarence Thomas. Next Coulter is coming out with a new book. Misunderstood Men of Peace. Quadaffi, Saddam and Mubarak – why liberals and the Mainstream media hate righteous conservatives’.

Pat Buchanan is a well known commentator and itinerant presidential aspirant. And of course a deeply disturbed racist white supremacist. In the last week, like Ann Coulter, has tried to remain relevant. He of course blasted gays and blacks as is his wont. But, I want to take a different spin. I always find it funny how Ann Coulter, Paul Ryan, Bill O’reilly and the rest of the right always seem to know exactly what ALL people to the left of them (in other words, if you are not extreme right, you are liberal) are thinking. Nothing that ‘liberals’ say is true, its all really about wanting to be communists, a nanny state, take over all corporations, blah blah blah. You’ve all heard it a thousand times. But how about conservatives ON conservatives? How about the White Nationalist site, (that would be racist whites who are holocaust deniers, haters of Jews, blacks, etc…). They are all standing up for the ‘pro-white views’ ‘stand up for our people’ ‘ openly oppose the Genocide’and ‘Good for Pat – I hope more pro-whiteness takes hold’. When a liberal defines a conservative, and vice versa, we are always leery of the accuracy. But when conservatives like the KKK and such openly identify with only the conservative party, what does that mean? How many liberals are members of the KKK? How many do you think were liberals who posted on To paraphrase what I wrote last week – Not all conservatives are white supremacist, but all white supremacist are conservatives…


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