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Clueless in DC

January 15, 2009 - John Stack
So which is it? Worst president ever? The cowboy president? How about the most clueless? This week W gave his last press conference, and a farewell speech. Both of these reminded us of just how absolutely out of touch he continues to be.
            How about a big one right off the bat? Bush names a disappointment. He was disappointed we didn’t find any WMDs in Iraq. Disappointed? I would say that was a highlight! Why would we WANT to find WMDs in the hands of madmen and rogue nations? Was he also disappointed we didn’t find score of Shiites in a mass grave below one of Saddam’s palaces? My sons were scared to death when we went ot war with Iraq because of the threat of WMDs. My nephew served time in Iraq and me and my family than God everyday there weren’t any WMDs.
            Eight years ago, W promised to be a ‘uniter, not a divider’. He then lamented in his press conference the ‘I am disappointed by the tone in Washington’. This from the guy who made partisanship and unilateralism his battle cry! ‘You are either with us, or you are with the terrorists!’ – ah yes, one of those uniting moments of his presidency.
            Bush somehow still believes that somehow the image of Americans overseas is still one that looks to the US for their ‘moral clarity’. Let me get this straight – illegal wiretaps, torture, waterboarding, and secret prisons – this all leads to the world looking to us for moral clarity.
            Bush also took ‘the Surge’ of 30,000 extra troops in Iraq as a defining point of the Iraq war. I think on the Simpsons, they call this ‘Pulling a Homer’. In this Homer (or W) would cause some catastrophe, and somehow through dumb luck save Springfield. So, Bush went into Iraq completely unprepared, caused the death of thousands of Americans, tens of thousands of innocent Iraqis, but he calls up 30,000 extra troops. Wow! What strategy! What courage! More…Troops! Sure kind of makes the storming of the beaches at Normandy seem like taking candy from a baby! Heck in WW2 Eisenhower made more important, decisive and strategic decisions before his morning dump than it took to decide to send in 30,000 extra troops.
            Bush of course continues to proclaim there have been no terrorist attacks on the US since 9-11. Well, there really has only been one real serious terrorist attack on the US-ever. But, terrorist attacks have increased everywhere else around the globe. It boggles the mind that he still believes for some reason the terrorists would rather somehow be over here terrorizing us on our streets – except for the fact that Al Queda wouldn’t exactly fit in here, wouldn’t exactly be able to round up any local support, and in Iraq, the terrorists GO HOME after a day of fighting!
Katrina – Bush seems to believe all the criticism revolves around whether he should have landed Air Force One in Baton Rouge or New Orleans. Uh, maybe the criticism is about thousands still starving and without basic essentials weeks after the disaster? And he was worried about the decision not to ‘bother’ local officials with his visit? If he had stayed home in Crawford and put together a better response (other than ‘you’re doing a heckuva job, Brownie’ to the haplessly under qualified Michael Brown)
            Ah, what’s left to say? Enough beating this dead horse eh? Finally, I hear the presidential library is going to be housed inside the Creation Museum outside of Cincinnati…


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