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George W redux

August 15, 2011 - John Stack
Do we have to do this again? Lets see Texas governor uses his state’s economic success as his calling card, even though he actually didn’t create any of the legislation and has one of the weakest roles as a governor in the US. He is ideologically stringent, and facts are to inconsequential. Yeah. Remember how well that worked with George W? Now comes Rick Perry who makes Bush look like an honors student. Back in 2007, Perry signed an executive order, mandating that all girls entering 6th grade to be vaccinated against the HPV virus, the leading cause of cervical cancer. He has steadfastly held to his position, although the legislature overruled him. Now, he seems to have had a ‘come to God’ moment. He now claims he was ‘ill-informed’ when he made the decision, which was controversial to those on the left and on the right. ‘Ill-informed’? I think this means that he later found out that the vaccine doesn’t work as well? Or that there was something about requiring it of 6th grade girls, right? Uh….NO. In his words ‘ I didn’t do my research well enough to understand that we need to have a substantial conversation with our citizenry’. He realizes, FOUR years later, that on this one issue, he actually should LISTEN to what the citizens, the legislature, anyone else that actually matters, and not make this decision in a vacuum? Up until August 11 2011 Perry figured every single decision he made was correct without the need of outside voices? Well, it seems so.

Texas leads the nation seemingly in poor academic policy. Lawmakers there have adopted an ‘abstinence-only’ education curriculum. How has this worked out for them? By 2007 Texas started their lead in the nation for pregnant teenagers. As they also took the lead in repeat-teenage preganancies, their rate is more than twice the national average, and have no desire to be knocked off their lead. The abstinence-only education leans on 2 tenents – contraception doesn’t work, and the bible says pre-marital sex is wrong. Hmmmm. Teach teenagers that birth control doesn’t work…if it doesn’t work, why use it? If his desire was to have the highest teenage birth rate in the nation, he chose the right policy. When confronted with these statistics, and asked to come up with any statistic to prove ‘abstinence only’ works, all Perry could offer is ‘I’m just going to tell you from my own personal life, abstinence works’. Ironically, when Perry tried to force the HPV vaccine, some critics claimed that vaccinating would lead to more sex in teenagers. Correctly, Perry parried with ‘if we found drug that cured cancer, that doesn’t mean we are creating more drug abusers’. The thing is, by ideologically believing abstinence oly is the best way – that’s DOES mean there will be more teen pregnancies. (on a side note – the crazies that think the HPV vaccine will increase teen sex – this is your BASE)

Perry also not only believes in the creation myth, and therefore also is an ‘Intelligent Design’ adherent, he has of course pushed for ID to be taught in Texas schools. Now, this is an argument I have yet to understand. Evangelicals want creationism taught in schools, in the science curriculum. Science. ‘The practice ofgathering empirical and measurable evidence subject to specific principles of reasoning’. Hmmmm. Religion. The practice of accepting someone else’s opinion without any corroborating evidence other than faith’. Huh. I would say, and it would be tough to dispute, that religious based ideas are the absolute opposite of science. Why would you want religion taught in science when it breaks every single rule and guideline of science? Maybe if religion was taught as a class, such as ‘The bible/Koran as a historical document’ (a class I DID take in college) that seems OK. But, why teach religion in school? If you want your children to get a firm religious foundation, take them to the church/denomination of your choice. This way your kids get the instruction from who you want, in the exact place you want with others who believe the same thing. If ID was taught in school, what would be the parameters? ID through the eye of a Muslim? A hindu? A general judeo-christian prism? Then again, what would you expect from someone who got a D in Organic Chemistry and an F in Organic Chemistry 2…

Oh yeah . And don’t get me started on the Texas economic ‘miracle’ (of minimum wage workers) from someone who got a D in Principles of Economics…


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