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Texas- the state of Mis-education

July 21, 2011 - John Stack
Rick Perry, conservative and charismatic governor of Texas, has appointed Susan Cargill as the Chairwoman of the Texas State Board of Education. Her first plan is to somehow sneak back into Texas high school science studying creationism, (or Intelligent Design) even though the US Supreme Court has told the state they cannot do that. This time, she is lobbying with 6 other conservatives to get ‘supplemental online educational instructional’ material approved that contradicts evolution.

Just this week I wrote a blog about the First Amendment, and how it supports free speech. Another part of the First Amendment is freedom of religion. As no one is surprised, the Texas State Board of Education has done what they can to remove information about separation of church and state, and of religious freedom being taught in the classroom. Why teach these bedrock American principles when conservative Christians most deservedly should be telling everyone how they should eat, sleep, pray, vote and learn? The constitution is a nice document …when it conforms to their religious biases… To show that the board president doesn’t even make believe she cares for religious freedoms she is quoted "Right now, there are six true conservative Christians on the board, so we have to fight for two votes. In previous years, we had to fight for one vote to get a majority," . now call me a atheist secularist, but at what point did being a TRUE conservative Christian become a litmus test on who should be able to teach our children? Oh yeah. Now I know where I get my heretic thoughts. It would be article VI of the Constitution - but no religious Test shall ever be required as a Qualification to any Office or public Trust under the United States.

There seems to be two major lines of attack by the Intelligent Design faction. One is that human life is so incredibly complex, it could be by random happenstance, but by an Intelligent Designer – ergo – God. Second, the ID people claim gaps in evolutionary science prove that evolution is untrue – ie the lack of evidence is evidence of absence (one of my favorite phrases).

In reading up on the ‘too incredibly complex’ idea, I keep hearing – the chances of this are astronomical! Or This can’t be! Or The possibility of this is just too remote! Ironicslly, just the opposite is claimed by evolutionists. Over the span of 4 billion years – that’s about a TRILLION days, and there being trillions raised to the trillions of numbers of basic compounds floating around in the water, most evolutionary biologists are amazed more evolution hasn’t happened and more often and at a more rapid pace! I remember reading about these people now who think evolution is too complex. They were the scholars who thought the Earth moved around the sun and that the earth was flat. Too complex to be anything else! I can see Alexander Fleming acting this way. Instead of discovering penicillin he could have just said ‘What? Something has killed the bacteria on this slide. Wow! mUst be too complex for a human to figure out. Lets go get a pizza after we clean these petri dishes!’

The absence of evidence is evidence of absence is a fallback whenever someone cannot understand something without actually seeing it happen. I know that all these little electrons are running around in my computer, and they react in a very circumscribed way, and the laws of physics and electronics deem it to be so, no one has actually ever SEEN an electron. But, as my computer actually does work, I trust in that ‘inferential’ science. Creationists point to the lack of ‘transitional’ species. There ARE gaps in the evolutionary spectrum. Dinosaurs were around over a 100 million years, yet we only have literally a handful of Tyrannosaurus Rex fossils. Now, human evolution is measured in the tens of thousands of years. To be able to find each and every evolved creature would nearly if not completely impossible. Fossils only happen in extremely precise conditions. 99.999% of all creatures just die and decompose away. To even have a fossil of each and every different mutation would be miraculous.

The funny thing about ID is the presumption that is was the Judeo-Christian God that created everything. Because creationists/ID types claim evolution is lacking (in evidence or probability of complexity arising from mutation) then seemingly the ONLY explanation is a God-like being. Of course it is the one in the bibke. Kind, helpful to the poor, blah blah blah. If it was truly some divine creature, maybe it was one who created humans for fun after It got bored with the dinosaurs? Maybe it was from a far off Martian alien race that mistakenly started life and they haven’t been back in our solar system for a few billion years because they lost their map?

This is not to mock Christians or true believers. This is to mock the ludicrousness of the Texas Board as well as point out that the ID/creationist apologists do more to hurt their own case by using ridiculously failed logic that even a 1989 Potsdam grad with a minor in Philosophy can see through…


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