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Boycott this!

January 4, 2009 - John Stack
The American Family Association Online) (AFA) had a prepared boycott of Target stores, because Target did not include the word ‘Christmas’ in their advertising. AFA ‘backed down’ when Target said they would include the word Christmas in more advertising later. To me, this was a ridiculous boycott threat. Supposedly, 700,000 people signed a petition to boycott Target if they didn’t change their ways. The AFA claimed that this ad strategy was another step towards the secularism of Christmas. Now let me get this straight. The AFA boycotters would not shop for cheaply made Chinese (a Godless country at that!) trinkets at Target. Somehow, the boycotters who by their very Xmas buying habits were themselves further secularizing Xmas. They wanted to force a completely empty gesture (inserting the word Christmas into advertising) to slow the secularization of Xmas? Does anyone actually believe by using the word ‘Christmas’ was going to somehow make people more religious? Would it make them think of the birth of Christ when they were buying 8 Mile by Eminem for cousin Ernie?
What would Jesus think? Christmas isn’t even the most important holiday on the
Christian calendar (that would be Easter)!
Christmas being celebrated on December 25th has nothing to do with Christ’s
actual birthday. What was happening was that people were celebrating St Nicholas with their gifts and such at the end of December. Of all people, Martin Luther didn’t like good old St Nick overshadowing the birth of Christ. He is credited for introducing Chriskindle, or ‘Christ Child’ the bringer of gifts for children in Germany.
The AFA also just likes boycotting over ridiculous issues, as long as they get attention for it. They are currently asking people to write letters of disappointment to the Campbell’s Soup Company. Why? AFA is upset that Campbell’s won’t ‘remain neutral’ and joining the gay activists in supporting gay marriage. Is the Campbell Soup Company somehow outwardly promoting the gay agenda? Well, Campbells has bought ads for the December 2008 and January 2009 Advocate! The horror! I guess if gays want to buy Campbell’s soup, they should adopt a ‘don’t ask don’t tell’ policy when shopping for soup. The checkout cashiers should agree not to ask anyone buying Campbell’s Soup if the are gay, and in turn the gay people shouldn’t let on to the cashier that they are gay.
But, the most ridiculous reason to boycott Target is who it would really hurt, if actually carried out. In 2005, Forbes listed the most charitable corporations, by cash giving. Target gave 88.8 million dollars, which was 2.1 percent of their income, the largest percentage of any large corporation in America. Walmart (another favorite boycott target in 2005 for not including Christmas in their ads) does lead the nation in total contributions, but their percentage is about 1%.
 So, the AFA wants to boycott the most charitable corporation in America so they can extract an empty concession that actually accomplishes nothing but contribute bad will? Heck, I am going to shop Target just because of their charitable giving. I could care less (or notice not at all) about the words in their advertising. (By the way, the boycott was called off 3 years ago, but the call to boycott is still on the AFA website)


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