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Obama hits jackpot idea

May 16, 2011 - John Stack
Today congress had to authorize the raising of the National Debt limit. The GOP demanded that huge cuts be made before they signed on to increasing the debt limit. President Obama did oblige. He outlined a plan to cut $3 trillion dollars in federal spending over the next 2 years. It was a monumental cut, and one way beyond what the GOP could even dream about. And he did it without raising any taxes whatsoever. The cuts though, do come with a cost though.

The first cut announced was to cut all grants to hospitals or their affiliates that perform any of the following surgeries or tasks: Any hospital or foundation or doctors office that participates in any way in speaking about, counseling or advocating or performing any procedures related to in vitro fertilization, erectile dysfunction, gastric bypass or cosmetic surgery. As these three items are basically elective, and serve no actual health benefit, any medical institution that even rents space or speaks about such procedures will be barred from receiving any federal funding. The White House estimates this should save approximately $1.2 trillion by itself. The WH has figured that the actual savings if fully implemented could be approximately $2.8 trillion, but that the majority of hospitals would drop all of these procedures just to stay solvent.

The second cut announced would be the loophole which exempts from certain taxations for religious organizations. This would mean that all the money collected for catholic Charities, Word of Life, Baptist ministries and the like would now have to pay corporation taxes at the 35% rate on all income received. The exemption for donating to non-profit agencies would also be eliminated. The president’s press secretary said that the majority of Americans believe in a secular government, and that religious organizations have been getting away with hundreds of billions of dollars a year in exempt income yearly. It is estimated this would save approximately $750 billion per year.

In the most progressive of his cuts, the Obama administration has decided not to fund any organization that has as its board of directors, subscribers or members, persons affiliated with either the Republican Party, the Tea Party or the Conservative party. It was explained that the majority of Americans are neither Conservatives or Republicans, the time to stop paying their tax dollars to organizations affiliated with opposing political views represented a monumental waste of our hard earned tax dollars. WH staff were quoted as saying ‘Obama and his administration were voted into office on the plank that the Republican/Conservative/Tea Party groups have run this country into the ground and we were elected to remedy this.

Does any of this seem extremist to you? Some of it might, but we aren’t going to raise taxes, and some babies have to be thrown out with the bathwater. Plus, rather than have negotiations within the 2 parties, the GOP wanted to lump all the savings into one plan, on one day and the president acquiesced.

One Republican who sees nothing wrong with the executive orders is Indiana governor Mitch Daniels. Recently, Daniels pushed through his state a law barring any state funds to be spent on organizations that perform abortions. This law mainly affects Planned Parenthood. While although less than 4 percent of all services offered at Planned Parenthood are related to abortions, and they receive no direct monies from the State or Federal funds for abortions, PP does perform abortions. As Gov Daniels is personally opposed to abortions, and has a supermajority of republicans elected in his state, he feels it is his duty to deny funds to any organization that supports abortions even though abortion is a legal medical procedure. His conservative feeling is that it best to punish anyone associated with an organization that is affiliated with a procedure he doesn’t agree with. It doesn’t matter if a woman is coming in for a mammogram or a pap smear or being tested for an STD or pregnancy. Bets to deny funds to all of these recipients rather than giving one red cent to an organization that is performing a legal medical procedure that he disagrees with.

Now tell me, which is the more rational Mitch Daniels ACTUAL actions or my prevaricated story on the presidents plans?


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