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Mission Accomplished

December 29, 2008 - John Stack

I was looking through some newspapers I hadn't thrown out and came upon this tidbit 'Bush says peace talks have yielded progress'. This was Dec 20th. and W was talking about his peace plans for Israel. Yeah, the same Israel that just launched its largest offensive in decades against Hamas. All that was missing was Bush in his flight suit on the deck of an aircraft carrier.

Now, I am no expert on the Middle East. But, I do wonder about both sides and there real plans. The Palestinians in 2006 voted Hamas as a majority in their parliament. As it goes, this all went well 'until Hamas had to pick up the garbage every week'. What were the citizens thinking?The  Hamas  charter states 'There is no solution for the Palestinian solution except Jihad'. I have read many articles in the past that support the notion that the majority of Arabs and Jews can easily live side by side. It is those on the extreme of each side that unfortunately control the government (sound familiar)

I read that the Arab world is all aghast and protesting Israel's ' assault on the Palestinians. This after Hamas sent rockets into Israel for 3 days without any provocation, or response. What did they expect to happen? There probably isn't anyone with moderate intelligence about Israel that didn't expect Israel to react exactly as it did. If someone starts sending rockets into your country, seemingly with impunity, what do you do? There is no measured response. There is no eye for an eye. You start it, the more powerful will respond with all the force they believe is needed to restore the peace.

Yes, there have been hard feelings between these two for centuries. Especially after 1967 when Israel recaptured a bunch of land. In 2006, Gaza was basically givenback, but this hasn't seemed to help, only make matters worse. Yes, Israel and their allies have embargoed Gaze and Hamas, which has crippled their economy. but, that seems to be what you get when you elect a terrorist organization to lead you. This is not 1708. this is 2008. People must work together to find a solution. They can't just raid hteir neighbors and expect to capture whatever they want - especially when the neighbor has one of the most sophisticated and well trained militaru forces in the world.

I'm not saying Israel is completely without fault in the whole conflict. There are plenty of Jews who feel the Palestiian state should also be wiped off the map. I don't see how or when this will end in some type of 'peaceful' solution. But, Mr Bush, my guess is that it won't happen by the ned of the year.


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