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A little white lie truth.

April 22, 2011 - John Stack
A little white lie truth.

Senator Jon Kyl from Arizona has publicly voted and advocated for the jailing and removal of rights for anyone associated with the Democratic party. He has also yearly introduced a law to the Senate to remove all rights given to women and blacks and non Christians, such as the right to vote, attend school, or hold office. He has also introduced measures to make anyone associated with an abortion to be jailed for no less than 20 years. This includes the woman who went to Planned Parenthood to discuss options, the man who got her pregnant, both of their parents, the receptionist at the clinic, anyone who spoke to her, the landlord of the building as well as her high school health teacher.

When I relayed this information to my partner in ChevaStack Consulting, while he didn’t explicitly condemn any of the measures, he asked if my facts were correct. I wondered why he would ask or care. I reminded him that Senator Jon Kyl stood on the Senate floor and declared ‘if you want an abortion, …that’s well over 90 percent of what Planned Parenthood does’. Of course the grandson of a great player on the 1927 Canadian National hockey team reminded me that Senator Kyl didn’t really mean that. In Kyl’s own words he ‘didn’t mean it as a factual statement’. I didn’t disagree with my Quebecois Separatist leaning friend. In actuality, I didn’t mean any of my statements as factual either. I really just wanted to illustrate that the Senator is a lying, fear mongering idiot. I hadn’t expected them to believe my statement at face value, but that him being a lying fear mongering idiot was what we can all really agree upon.

Luckily, Kyl has a truthful open minded progressive group that wants us to know that Kyl REALLY meant that he was underestimating the facts and figures. I of course refer to the fair and balanced LifeNews website. They have blown the lid off the undeserved bashing of the great Senator from Arizona. They rightfully claim (through Planned Parenthoods own statistics) that 324,000 women went to Planned Parenthood and terminated a pregnancy in 2008, while they only 7,021 women were referred to adoption services. Although I have never actually been in a Planned Parenthood office (although by disclosure, I do regularly donate to Planned Parenthood) I’m sure there are only those 2 options or services provided by Planned Parenthood. I mean, why would such an unbiased website lead me otherwise?

Wait, I have to check this text. Its from my buddy Samuel Clemens ( a writer friend of mine who lives on the Mississippi who writes under some crazy pseudonym). He just sent me a funny axiom. He says ‘John, there are 3 kinds of lies. Lies, damn lies, and statistics’. Ha ha. That’s funny ain’t it? Now I will take a quick Gander at that political online rag the Huffington Post. Hmmm. Seems like LifeNews got it right. 324,000 abortions and only 7,021 referrals to adoption agencies. Boy even as a pro-choicer I don’t think taxpayers should subsidize an agency where 97.9% of what they do is for abortions. Oh, it also seems Planned Parenthood also actually does some other programs, almost too insignificant to even write here. Like 4 million visits for contraception. And 4 million visits for STD testing and treatment. And the inconsequential 1.8 million cancer screenings and prevention services. And the miniscule comparatively 1.2 million other women’s health services like preganancy tests and prenatal care. Anyway…

So, Senator Kyl has decided to do the right thing. Even beyond reasonably explaining that no person in their right mind should expect anything out of his mouth to relate in anyway to a ‘true statement’ he has decided to go the next, and logical step. He is correcting the record. So, as is his right, he is changing the Congressional record. So, rather than the Official Congressional Record stating that Sen Kyl said, verbatim that abortions are ‘well over 90 percent of what Planned Parenthood does’ he is going to change what we see , officially, on record, for all future generations, is that what he REALLY SAID was ‘If you want an abortion you go to Planned Parenthood and that is what Planned Parenthood does’. So, luckily for us, the future and the official record will make sure it does not include what the honorable senator said, the record will reflect what he politically believes he should have said, rather than a ridiculous lie that he actually did say. I just wish more of our elected leaders had the courage to admit that what they say should under no circumstance be construed as the truth, and that they will actually change history to what benefits them most by actually changing the official record.


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