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Notes from all over

March 22, 2011 - John Stack

Something new, something old. Blonde haired clueless icon Ann Coulter this week went onto the talk shows explaining how extra radiation is good for you. Obviously the possible nuclear disaster in Japan is really nothing to worry about. If Coulter was some type of scientist or even someone who has checked a fact in her life, one might think she was thinking of helping the Japanese. Unfortunately, she’s just a right wing conspiracy nut who is trying to get attention.

Another convert to conservative wackiness is Victoria Jackson. She made her 15 minutes of fame as a comedian on Saturday Night Live. She now makes news as a logic impaired conservative blowhard. This week she took on the show Glee. She took extreme exception to a gay kiss on the show. She claimed ‘Sickening!And besides shoving the gay thing down our throats, they made a mockery of Christains – again! I wonder what their agenda is? Hey producers of Glee- what’s your agenda? One-way tolerance?’ Obviously what one may not know is that Liberals hunt her down weekly, and in their best ‘Clockwork Orange’ fashion, tie her eyeballs open and force her to watch Glee against her will. That’s what she means by ‘forcing this down her throat’, as in she has no other option, such as avoiding watching a show that she knows features gay characters. She also is well aware that her heroes Beck and Limbaugh make sure they mock everyone who is not hetero sexual and Christian, because that IS OK to force down someone’s throat.

What on Earth is the Winker doing in Israel? It was a truly political gesture, so that she can now say she ‘has been to Israel’. I guess, its sort of like if you go to Israel, you can really understand all of their problems like you can understand Russia because you can SEE Russia across the Bering Straights from your kitchen. More perplexing is what would PM Netanyahu have to talk about with my sweetheart? I’m thinking that aren’t many moose in Israel, and I’m not sure shiooting moose from a helicopter would be frowned upon. Any gunfire from a helicopter in Israel without an Israeli Air Force marker would probably gain itself a quick ending from a surface to air missile.

Why or how is it that Rush Limbaugh is still pertinent? It must be that he can raise a lot of money for conservative candidates. He’s not Beck nutty and he isn’t tea prty nutty. He is a whole class of clueless and meanness in one. A caller to his show asked Rush why a country with such a good environmental record would be ‘hit’ by ‘mother earth’ by the earthquake and tsunami. For some reason. Rush assumed the mental acuteness of Ann Coulter and thought it was an ‘interesting question’. I guess it was interesting – for morons. He goes on to say that ‘They gave us the Prius and are recycling their garbage, and yet Gaia (or Mother Earth) just wipes them out! Its bad enough mocking a country that just had thousands killed in a freak tsunami and hundreds of thousands more homeless or missing or fleeing .(but as most of his ilk such as beck and Hannity – there aren’t White Anglo Saxons so they are free game for mockery without punishment) But his whole argument is pabulum. The Prius wasn’t designed by the Japanese government, and the reason for the Prius is purely economics. Not everyone makes tens of millions a year and can fuel their Expeditions with burning hundred dollar bills. MOST people who own a Prius do so because it saves them thousands of dollars per year on gas. Recycling isn’t just for the Earthy Crunchies. Recycling makes sense economically. Plus, Japan is not that big. They can’t just continue to pile their garbage up anywhere. Also, most people aren’t wasteful just to be wasteful. He also makes the indirect notion that Japanese somehow worship Gaia as in some type of religion. This is also ludicrous.

Beck of course chimes in with my favorite of the spiritual conspiracy stories. Somehow, he feels the tsunami/earthquake is the work of a vengeful God. (Well, he does at least have company in the form of Fred Phelps and his family there). But why Japan? Why now? As Beck would agree, his God is all knowing /all powerful. Why throw down a tsunami now? My gueess is that the best opportunity in the last 100 years would have been around Dec 6 1941 to show those ‘Godless heathens’ what happens when you attack a Christian Country. But he didn’t then. Today, Japan is more Americanized than ever in their history. By sending a tsunami to Japan would seem to hurt American interests incredibly. One reason for our high standard of living is the low cost of Japanese made items such as cars and electronic devices. Maybe Beck thought it was punishment for liberalism (come on, we know this is what he meant). But, an omniscient God would know that our current liberalism or progressiveness probably peaked about when Obama was elected. If anything, liberalism has dropped since then. Why would an omniscient God wait or make that kind of mistake? Late on his mail? Gone on a father/son camping trip with Jesus? How about God chose this time and this place because he wanted to show the world why we need to conserve, recycle and to build our homes safer?

Finally, check out the maple syrup open houses this weekend. The Uihlein Cornell maple syrup station on Bear Cub road is cutting edge in maple syrup technology – and yes, it is technology. Then head about a mile up the road to the Heavenly Hill sugaring house. This one is a much smaller and less technologically advanced, but is still worth the visit, if only to check out the views!

Oh... a late local one. Chris Gibson is saying we must immediately withdraw from Libya (forget we have no one in Libya except jets flying about 600 mph 10,000 feet up). Libya was a better move strategically and all other reasons than for us to be in Afganistan or Iraq. Who thinks if George Bush had invaded that Gibson, Rush, Beck , Sarah and Coulter wouldn't be claiming what a great move it was. Puh-lease...been there done that


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