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oh Caroline

December 20, 2008 - John Stack
I wrote yesterday about how I thought Andrew Cuomo and Caroline Kennedy would be poor picks for replacing Clinton’s Senate seat. First, at least I think Andrew Cuomo is fully qualified for the job. Caroline Kennedy, though, I really don’t think so.
            My buddy from the Moody Pond Marauders (who is now down 32 games to the Pine Street Irregulars in our pool league) relayed to me this anecdote. Caroline Kennedy was at a press conference to announce her desire to become a Senator. It was read like a prepared statement, and then she left the podium without answering questions. I can’t find the clip anywhere, but if true, it says a lot. Basically, she is saying ‘vote for me because I’m a Kennedy, I don’t need to explain anything else.’ . Yikes! I’ve also heard she believes she is qualified because she can see Canada were she to ever drive North in New York (there is no evidence she has actually left NYC except to fly to Washington DC).
            A big problem seems to be the reasons why her political buddies are claiming she is fit to be a Senator. Her cousin Kerry Kennedy says she is qualified because of ‘her experiences as a working mother’. Can you believe that? Yeah, I’m sure she’s had days where she dropped the kids off at pre-school only to be called in an hour later because one was running a 101 temperature. I’m sure she worried about how missing a day or 2 from work would impact the family’s finances. I’m sure my mother, my wife and my three sisters have a better understanding of ‘the experiences of a working mother’. What a putdown to the other tens of millions of working mothers. Come on. I’m sure Tatiana, Rose and Jack had their diapers changed more by Ivanka the nanny than Caroline.
            One of the worst cases put forward for her getting the senator slot was written by NPR commentator and Newsweek writer Bonnie Erbe, a renowned women’s issues writer. She spent a lot of her article blasting people who have claimed her unfit to be a senator and their motives. She then bashes congressman Gary Ackerman who said that popularity is no qualification for public office. She explains how this is really an asset. Yeah, its an asset to the person RUNNING, but it sure doesn’t qualify anyone to actually HOLD office. She then conjures up Reagan and (ironically?) Arnold Schwarzenegger. ‘How did they each get to be Governor of California?”. Well Bonnie they were ELECTED! Something Caroline seemingly doesn’t seem to feel is something she needs to do. Also as Rep Gary Ackerman said on a radio show about her qualifications ‘…except that she has name recognition, but then so does J Lo’. 
            I want my Senator to be someone who is the best representative for the citizens of New York, the country , and pragmatically, for their party. Caroline Kennedy may be a lot of things that are fascinating and great. One thing she is not is qualified to be a senator. As I stated yesterday, while I don’t think the Winker for Wasilla is qualified for the presidency, she is qualified to be a senator and not Caroline Kennedy.


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