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How about some fairness?

December 1, 2008 - John Stack
I think not enough people are getting the message of Obama’s presidential win. Some are predicting we are headed to Socialism or Marxism. Many still see Obama as another in the line of liberal leaders. Thing is, Obama would not have won without the support of Republicans, Democrats and Independents alike. He wasn’t elected because people wanted a liberal ideology or a socialist culture. He was elected to actually CHANGE. More than anything, to change the bitter partisanship that reigned supreme during the Bush presidency. The ideologues and politics of fear are hoped to be put out the door. Schwarzenegger learned this in California. He was elected as a conservative in a liberal leaning state, but has learned to work both sides of the aisle. Incredibly, he has become one of the more effective governors in the land.
            I normally rail against those who view Obama as someone who is going to raise their taxes (although any new increase in taxes on higher incomes has been postponed to at least 2011, if ever). But no, today I reserve my vitriol for 2 liberal punching bags, Dianne Feinstein and Charles Schumer. Both are in favor of bringing back the ‘Fairness Doctrine’. For those not aware, the Fairness Doctrine would require radio stations to balance both sides of an issue. For example, if a radio station had a story on cutting taxes, they would be required to have a story on why we should not be cutting taxes. If someone had a program on gun control, there would need to be one on pro-gun legislation. The same could be said for abortion, gay rights, immigration. Seemingly, it could mean anything. Unbelievably, Majority Whip Dick Durbin uses the excuse that ‘…I have this old fashioned idea that when Americans hear both sides of the story, they’re in a better position to make a decision’. That is really BS for ‘The American system of capitalism has responded that conservative talk shows rule the airwaves, and we liberals want to do something about it’. Talk about throwing gasoline onto the fire for people who claim the liberals just want to use the government to forward their means of social constructs!
            The irony of all of this is what just happened in the presidential election. If blowhards like Rush Limbaugh (and I don’t think even he takes offense to being called that) rule the airwaves, and people seemingly can’t make up their minds without a Schumeresque Fairness Doctrine, how did a black liberal from Chicago win the presidency? The double irony is that for years conservatives have decried the left leaning bias of virtually all media!
            My overall point here is that even proposing bringing back the paradoxically named Fairness Doctrine is completely contrary to what Americans want right now. People want there to be less bickering. More working together. Less having the government shove down our throats what THEY say is best for us. I have to distance myself as a registered Democrat from this tripe, as should any other Democrat or Liberal. It shouldn’t be a Liberal, Democrat or Republican or Conservative platform. It is totally wrong, whichever side would propose it.


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