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Rhetoric of Hate

January 24, 2011 - John Stack

Michele Malkin is one of a long line of current conservative unaware writers/pundits of the day. Her female brethren of course includes my sweetie the Winker of Wasilla and Ann Coulter. Her male brethren include Byron York and too many other right wing Fox hosts to mention. What bonds all these together is an ability to never check a fact, never recognize irony and never, EVER take responsibility or apologize.

Here is the opening line of a Malkin article published last week. ‘Lets give the “climate of hate” rhetoric a rest for a moment.’ So, I assume, Michele Malkin is about to write her first article ever that isn’t viscious, malicious, borderline slanderous and doesn’t blame liberals (anyone who doesn’t agree with her is a liberal) for everything. I was of course wrong. Her next line is to use the rhetoric of hate ‘Its time to talk about the climate of death, in which the abortion industry thrives unchecked’. and…’ a parade of government health bureaucrats and advocates protecting the abortion racket looked the other way’. Boy, where did the ‘give the climate of hate rhetoric a rest for a moment’? Did she mean to pause between the first sentence and the second? Was it like one of those moments of silence we stand for when a tragedy happens? but everything goes back to normal when the moment is over?

Now, the crime she is talking about is abhorrent, and the individual in the story is a monster. But, in a twist, on one hand she will claim that The Winker can’t be held accountable for the Tucson murders (which I agree) but she ends up with a laundry list of people who are to blame for this atrocity. Of course she gets a few things mixed up by calling every single state worker or bureaucrat both a liberal, and a defender of ‘the abortion racket’(I think DW might have a problem with that). My favorite though is her blaming of former governor Tom Ridge who she says enabled his criminal enterprise. She seems to forget this had been going on since 1970, and Ridge was in office for only 6 years, 1995 to 2001. Somehow Ridge pulled strings with his time machine for 25 years before he was governor, and for the following 10 years he still pulled the strings , obviously like Putin in Russia (regardless if his successor was a Republican).

And yet she continues to make a living by writing. Class? Missing. Cohesion? missing. Facts? unnecessary. She did bring to light an abhorrent practive in Pennsylvania, but again I was certain it was a hoax as her RHETORIC was so ridiculous, it seemed it had to be made up.

But we don’t need the national media (You know, the lamestream media that I mentioned above that Sarah is always bemoaning) to hear this rhetoric. Here is a letter from Don Sage (Nam vet) about the Tucson shootings – ‘This attack is the result of these constitution , bill of rights hating, pro-communist, leftists that would deny us the right to defend ourselves, our families, our friends and others from their criminal, murderers and terrorists.’ This tells me three things 1.) that might describe maybe one person alive 2.) this is a guy who is in desperate need of therapy 3.)Unfortunately there are many more Don Sages out there than there are people he describes.

Then there are locals who write letters to the editor to the press Republican. One local guy writes in slamming those who don’t believe corporations are people too, and even attempts to back it up with some law mention. But, he also makes the claim that these people are parroting CNN, MSNBC or the ‘Obamanation’. Then, rather than rely on the rhetoric of class and faxcts, he jumps to the (blaming) conclusion ‘Maybe its because the Libs and their hero Obama are in the unions pockets’. Somehow, this right wing nut has put anyone who thinks corporations aren’t people must be liberals and that they are all (along with Obama) in the pockets of the unions. Maybe Dan has been taking too many lessons on logic and coherence from Sarah, Michele and Byron.

Then, there is Steve Kreig from Plattsburgh. He ends a letter to the editor with ‘It would be nice if conservatives and liberals could agree that we all have the best interest of our country at heart. We just have different ideas about reaching that end’. Steve – They/we do know that. But, that kind of thinking doesn’t get people elected, sell newspapers or keep journalistic hacks out of debtor prison.


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