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Don't think the Wink is gone..

November 24, 2008 - John Stack

I have a couple things today, which seem diametrically opposed. One, is the underestimation of Sarah Palin and her future, and a GOP that needs to get something done.

First, I have mocked Sarah Palin a bit here. Mostly because she was so obviously picked as a token. Ironic, isn't it? White woman in a political race is the 'token' while the black guy is the status quo? But I digress. Sarah palin, if she can ever start listening to some smart advisers, could make herself out to be a power player in the next presidential election. As much as she was a caricature for her 2 months or so on the circuit, many Americans loved her. But, it wasn't her time, The GOP's time, and she wasn't ready. If she is smart, she will get herself onto some regular TV face time. Hopefully not on 'Fox and Friends' or she could just alienate half of America and be seen again as part of the problem, not the solution. How about some part time gig on The View? Elizabeth Hasselback can't handle it all herself. If she can stand up to the liberal women on the show, without seeming arrogant, she could change some people's minds. Maybe she could get something done in Alaska that will get people's attention. I don't think America has seen the last of Sarah Palin.

In an article by Roger Simon, a Republican Senator makes a couple insights "Over the next couple of years, we need to be pragmatists,” he says. “Our battles should not be over ideology; they should be about getting things done.” Isn't that amazing? Getting things done! As if this is the first time this has been thought about! Its like when I wrote about McCain. People would say 'But he's a maverick! He went against the white house and his own party! He fought and tried' . Tried. That's not a word I want from my president or congressman. I want someone who gets something done.

Ironically, the senator ends seemingly wistfully, that democrats now control congress. Anything that goes wrong, and they will be the ones blamed (and rightly so, i think). Implicitly, he was looking ahead to the democrats being poor keepers of the flame, and they will swoop in in 2012. Unfortunately, that's how it seems to work as often as not in the presidency. Bush Sr lost as much because of the recession on his watch.(Then again he won as much because of Reagan's tenure) Reagan won as much because of the failed Carter presidency. And Obama won as much over McCain because of the failures of the GOP in power. Here's a novel idea. How about the Republicans try to get some good done during a Democratic leadership and see if the voters notice?


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