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Blood on her hands

January 20, 2011 - John Stack
Sarah Palin really has no clue as to who she is, or how she is perceived. What seems to be Palin’s ONLY talent? To foment the anger of idiots and turn that anger towards something, other than her or themselves. Its how she makes money. Its how she gets attention. She is the Snooki of politics. In a recent Rolling Stone article, the writer was talking with the aforementioned Snooki. She reported that when she read about people talking about her most recent outburst, it only caused her to think of more stupid and outrageous things to do. neither seems to grasp that they only appeal to the lowest, basest , dumbest denominator. Neither seeing anything more than the cheering crowds and sycophants in front of them. At least Snooki is mostly harmless. Sarah is dangerous.

Palin seems to live completely within a cocoon where she feels that nothing she says can ever go bad. It can only cause good change. She even invokes supposed gun duels from 250 years ago to prove that political discourse is so much more civilized. Thing is, political problems were never really solved by guns or swords between 2 adversaries. Burr/Hamilton was an extreme anomaly, not a common event, but why trifle with facts. Then again, this is the woman who tried to compare herself favorably with Teddy Roosevelt! Did you know once Roosevelt gave a 90 minute speech – 10 minutes after he had been shot? His speech notes and a metal cigarette container slowed the bullet. The slug lodged in his chest, staying there the rest of his life! But I digress.

If your every waking moment is to generate outcry from the seemingly oppressed masses, what might be the outcome? Every 2 years in November they will run to the polls and vote out the scoundrels? Then go back to their homes and wait for the next election cycle? Well, that is possible, for some. But most people don’t awaken to vitriolic political rhetoric and only focus that energy on the election. They feel it strongly, and every day. Heck, I feel strong on a daily basis about the political rhetoric, and I think I’m better than most separating the wheat from the chaff.

There are probably 250 million American over 18 years of age, and not technically mentally impaired. I’m amazed at the people I know who are racist. Homophobic. and the just plain ignorant. And I just live in this tiny little speck of humanity in the Adirondack Park. Multiply this by hundreds of thousands. They are all looking for someone to tell them how to act, how to feel, how to vote, who to like, who to hate. Sarah fills that niche. She’s obviously not smarter than any of them, so they don’t feel inferior. She’s folksy and brash. Good enough for most! She says ObamaCare is bad for you! Hell yeah they say! Get rid of it! There are death panels she says. I guess the response to that should be to vote them out. Don’t make it personal. Its just that the bureaucrats (and by bureaucrat that can only mean Democrat) want to be able to decide when you die, or when you are no longer useful to society. Again, the natural response is of course to vote them out and wait for the next election cycle. Of course, of those hundred or so million, none would think badly or violently when told the ‘other’ 100 million Americans really want to decide when your beloved aunt Myrtle should die. So, lets see – tell tens of millions of easily swayed Americans a brutal lie about democrats wanted to kill all the old, feeble, or unproductive isn’t something that might incite people to more than vote?If Sarah Palin’s rhetoric only caused people to vote differently, it would seem that she is extremely poor at what she does.

Blood libel. It comes from the false belief that Jews would kill Christian babies in their secret religious rituals. Somehow Sarah Palin has become the martyr of the Jews. (About as plausible as her being able to hold Teddy Roosevelts spittoon). But, rather than complain that Palin is not a martyr and trying to scold her for using a terrible Jewish slander, lets look closer. She says she is the victim of Blood Libel – in other words, using a lie to blame her for something. But, there is no lie. What is the lie? Pundits are probably wrongfully attributing a connection between Palin’s rhetoric and her ‘cross-hair’ sights on a political map for the tragedy in Tucson. But, a lie is one people saying it, knowing it to be a lie. Many, many truly believe this deranged person killed because of Sarah Palin. They aren’t lying, they believe that. Many believe Obama is a terrorist, a socialist, a Marxist, a Kenyan, and many other loony ideas. But they aren’t liars. They believe these things to be true. In Palin world, why isn’t she standing up for Obama for what she sees as blood libel against him? Is blood libel only when something happens to her that she doesn’t like? Is there a correlation between over the top political rhetoric and violence? Yes. Is there causality between the rhetoric and the violence? Well, we don’t know.

In the end, what would cause Sarah Palin to be responsible for the murders? If the shooter said he felt, because of his allegiance to Sarah Palin, he needed to kill this congresswoman. And as he knew she is a gun lover, he felt he needed to use a post ban 30 clip 9MM to kill her and innocent bystanders were just casualties of war? Actually, that is what Palin is defending against. But, if that were true, she would still be no more liable for the shootings than if he pulled her name out of a phonebook, a la Navin Johnson. Truth is, we can’t blame any of this on any one person (other than the shooter himself). Is it because of the lapsed high capacity clip ban in 2004? Palin had nothing to do with that. Does it lie with our mental health system? Does it lie with his family? friends? ex-girlfriend? Without heated political discourse with 24 hour news cycles and on demand internet access, does this tragedy happen? I don’t know. But I do know that no one is guilty of blood libel in this case, and the Winker from Wasilla is no martyr (or Teddy Roosevelt). Win, lose or draw, those tens of millions will continue to back Palin, regardless what she does or says. And she will never see beyond those delusional masses, as they are who make her who she is.


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