Students help seniors

To the editor:

Although it was a snowy November afternoon, at least half a dozen seniors showed up in the Saranac Lake High School library to receive individualized tech assistance from Seth Putnam’s technology club students.

While Seth unboxed the 400 storage boxes in the new library, seniors and students sat in one-on-one consultation around the room.

I had the pleasure of being paired up with Bruno Freeman, who graciously led me through my list of questions about my new iPad while other seniors had students helping them with questions about their iPhones, tablets, laptops, etc.

A special thanks to the tech students who gave their time and expertise so willingly after a long day in school.

To all of you seniors who have questions about the tech gadgets you have or might receive for Christmas, take advantage of the next session of the tech support from our Saranac Lake High School technology students. It will be worth your time!


Carmen Ordonez

Saranac Lake