Bike safety on our Adirondack roads

Karen Delaney poses with a road sign encouraging motorists and cyclists to coexist peacefully. (Photo provided by Brian Delaney)

To the editor:

While traveling this spring in northern Georgia on a cycling vacation, Karen and I encountered some of the best cycling roads and safety signage. We had a wonderful experience!

Riding the Adirondack roads can have its challenges, but cyclists travel from all over the world to ride them.

And as a community, we have to welcome and endure their presence on the roads. We must truly share the road.

These are the facts:

¯ Bicycle riders are a true economic driver in this community!

¯ We have built a cycling culture that is present in the mountain trails, gravel roads and paved roads.

¯ Bicycle touring is back in full force.

Our roads are a touring route for everyone, not just cyclists.

Cyclists must do the following:

¯ Stay in your lane, and stay close to the right side of the road as practical and safe.

¯ Don’t wear headphones! This is dangerous; you need to hear cars and trucks coming from behind.

¯ Use hand signals.

¯ Single up as cars from behind approach! When you do this simple act, it fosters the driver’s acceptance of the whole cycling community, and it is an act of being considerate to the driver. A win-win situation.

¯ Use a rear blinking light.

¯ Stop at all traffic stop signs and lights, as any vehicle.

Let’s treat all users of the road in a way that you want to be treated.

Let’s be courteous of each other.

Now, getting back to our northern Georgia bicycle tour … as we traveled the roads and byways, it was evident that we were welcomed!

We rode about 60 miles per day for a week and did not hear one car horn during that time.

Let’s share the road and single up!

Brian Delaney

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